1x1 of Espanyol: The best Darder guide to Espanyol

The midfielder scored the two goals of the game against Girona, the second of them with the collaboration of rival goalkeeper. The Blue and Whites have 38 points.

Diego López: Practically did not have to intervene and, when he did, it was always good. He touched the penalty but the shot was too powerful.

Rosales: He contributed more in attack, as is supposed, but he did not suffer in defense either. He lacked success but generated danger. In an unfortunate action caused a penalty.

Hermoso: A single error in the whole game, which almost cost the team a dislike. He beat and beat Stuani, which is not easy.

Naldo: Impeccable by high and safe with the ball on his feet. It continued to the good level of the last days.

Javi López: Relocated in the left accused not to be developed by its natural band. Despite this, he performed at the same level.

Marc Roca: Very attentive in defense and participative in creation. It intercepted several actions of danger of the Girona.

Víctor Sánchez: It contributed as it is supposed to him and it maintained the physicist during all the party. Essential work in the center of the field to allow his companions to shine.

Darder: More liberated than usual he offered his best version. Each dribble or each pass served to overcome an opponent. The two goals, fantastic, took his signature.

Melendo: A football player called to be differential. He lacked some continuity, but with the ball on his feet he wasted talent.

Wu Lei: He never solved the actions he had. Neither combining nor finishing, in spite of constantly overcoming Bernardo.

Borja: It was not his best day, because he lost duels that he usually won and he was imprecise. Worked, yes, tirelessly.


Puado: It did not revolutionize the game, but it did not come too much into play.

Pedrosa: Entered by Javi López, who left touched.

Sergio: Entered to lose time in the discount

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