1x1 of Barça: Aleñá and Suárez leave LaLiga for sentencing

The canterano set his best game of the season and the charrúa did not miss the penalty to leave the championship practically in the bag.

Ter Stegen: Although he had a quite placid match -in fact in the first part he was not finished off between the three sticks- he had the occasional rush of the rival, with a loose shot from Duarte and a shot by Jony that went very close of the club and where the German goal made sight. He had to put the batteries in a corner kick.

Sergi Roberto: The versatility of the canterano is an added value. He started playing as a left-back and ended up as a right-back, and if it had been necessary to play inside there he would have gone without problems. In fact, from the left wing he completed an irreproachable game, always giving Coutinho the ball and centering many balls to the area. His was the play that served to open the score, starting already from his natural band. Partidazo without edges of Reus.

Piqué: Deportivo on the field returned to shine at an impressive level, but he was somewhat distracted in some skirmishes nonsense with some Alavés players, especially with Duarte. It may be that the stomp on the face he received in the first part left him pissed off the rest of the game. Fortunately, it was not enough to divert his attention in the game. He claimed a goal that Umtiti had taken him out of play, but luckily in the end the referee whistled for the Blaugrana hands.


Umtiti: The French central completed a serious game without stridency. He started a bit hesitant with improper errors of a player of his level at the time of taking the ball, but little by little he was aposentando in the game. He provoked not yet very well how the penalty in the Alavés area.

Semedo: He played the first 45 minutes on the right side and the fifteen minutes of the second part on the left. In defense he had few headaches, resolving most situations correctly. The attack is still missing a bit more success to bring their offensive increases to a good start.

Sergio Busquets: Strangely the international was not very active in the game, placing himself in a position more delayed than usual if possible. He left the role of giving air and fluidity to the core to Arturo Vidal, who although not his strong point, unfolded with dignity. He avoided seeing a yellow that would have prevented him from playing this Saturday against Levante at Camp Nou.

Aleñá: His best game this season. The one of Mataró knew to break the cobweb of the rival with base of assistance between lines and opening the field by the bands. He also opened the scoring after a great play by Sergi Roberto that Luis Suarez read intelligently, letting the ball pass so that the youth squad would only stand against Pacheco and put the ball in the back of the net. He was very confident at the time of pressure, recovering many balls. With games like this he makes things very difficult for Valverde when looking for the midfielder to accompany Sergio and Rakitic in the big dates.

Arturo Vidal: Good game of the Chilean who also showed tables to move the ball and even look for offensive solutions if the script requires it. Yes, the rennet destroyer is impossible to get rid of and continued to show that to win and courage does not beat anyone in the field.

Dembélé: The French extreme is having trouble taking the biorhythms before his injury. It is true that he starred in some interesting play, with overflow and power in equal parts, but he still lacks the punch and efficiency of a few months ago. It did not facilitate in his game the defense so closed that Abelardo drew. He was on the right wing with Semedo as a partner, but this time, more than helping himself to the game, they sometimes seemed to get in the way. It was the first change of Valverde.

Luis Suárez: He scored again and that for a 'killer' of the area is always important. And not only managed the 0-2 penalty-with a launch that was close to stop goalkeeper Pacheco, but actively participated in the first goal after passing the ball intelligently. In the first part he had two clear chances before the goalkeeper, but he finished the dummy. In any case, he already has 21 goals in LaLiga and draws Benzema in second place in the scoring table.

Coutinho: He started very dynamic and participative, falling to the left, but looking to include more ground to have more influence in the game. He was close to scoring after a shot from Suarez that the rebound fell at his feet, but the ball did not reach its goal when touching the leg of an opponent. However, his game gradually faded and eventually became more sterile than anything else.


Messi: 222222 He left in the 60th minute. In the thirty minutes he spent on the field, apart from putting the fear in the opponent's body, he sent a ball to the post and supplied offensive play in abundance. And that was not right one hundred percent in their passes.

Alba: He played twenty minutes to warm up a little engines for the next appointments.

Arthur: He came out in the last minutes to give even more control of the ball if fit.

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