1x1 of Atlético: Lemar continues to rise and Juanfran does not stop

The Frenchman, aggressive with ball and applied in defense, continues his improvement. The Metropolitan also saw a great Juanfran against Valencia.

Oblak. Gameiro finished him point blank and could do little. He was uncomfortable with his foot. Atlético delayed many balls, which with the water became dangerous for the goalkeeper, he removed several of them as he could. His usual mark in the match came in the 60 ', shooting reflexes to a shot inside the small area of Carlos Soler.

Juanfran. Fresh and deep, he sensed the presence of Morata in the area and gave him a perfect attendance. The rest in Eibar came to him very well. He arrived with a good pause to observe the best possibility of center, without putting them to throw them. One of the best offensive arguments of the Athletic throughout the game. He gave an assistance and went several more. A very complete match that ended on the left side.

Savic. He abused Oblak at the start, it was not the best idea given as the field was and the goalkeeper rebuked him. He was not starter since March 9 and was picking up the pace with the passage of minutes. He grew in confidence, right at the time to intervene before letting Gameiro and Mina accelerate. It was better, especially about Santi Mina.

Godín. He measured well until that half hat of Mina in the area, slipped and caused Gameiro to stay in regular position to score. It was practically his only mistake. He was especially good taking the ball with criterion.

Filipe. He started more vertically than in previous matches, but still has not reached his best physical moment. He saw the yellow one and Simeone preferred to support that sector where Soler was growing to put Saul there.

Koke. Dominated well the first half hour of the match, with very accurate guidance of the plays from the right profile and a good frequency in circulation. He lost prominence in the left and returned to the right sector after the break. He found Griezmann well in the area at 66'


Rodrigo. Solvent during the first part of the first part, chained two dangerous losses in the final part of the first half that bothered Simeone. Instead, he won all the duels. Powerful.

Saúl. The goal that opens the score comes from a ball that steals Guedes in a rival field. Inside worked, without presence in the rival area, but giving body to the team in the battle for the center. Then he passed again to the left side and he was uncomfortable.

Lemar. Very aggressive in the one on one, determined, ready to serve the goal in the 7 'to Griezmann. Good foot on the inside balls, looking inside seven. He was also observed forceful, stealing and winning divided balls. After trying several times the French connection hit in the 49 '. He attended the 7th. He keeps waking up from his lethargy. He left congratulated by Simeone.

Griezmann. He linked his third game at home, followed by scoring. He lacked some understanding with his teammates in the last few meters in the first half, but was around the decisive play. He anticipated Gayá with a lot of instinct to do the second of Atlético. In the 60 'he got confused and lost a silly ball in the midfield that did not end in a goal for Oblak's save. He had the third in his head.

Morata. He was right in the first one he had, with instinct and decision. Ignited shortly after tested Neto. The pennant of the assistant deprived him of the second, but he was very involved in the game, very quick of mind and execution. Always stalking, with very good interpretation of the plays and always well placed to look for the auction.

Correa. He entered with the 2-1 waiting for Valencia to go up and kill him on the counter. He showed that Valencia is good and almost scored the goal he did last season in the Metropolitan. He did not think about it and took a shot with great intention after receiving from Correa.

Thomas. He jumped into the field for Lemar to be placed next to Rodrigo in the double pivot. Simeone did not want any more jokes. The 2-2 came almost to enter the field, but it did not affect him. Precisely a vertical pass of his had Correa as a receiver for the third of Atlético. Simeone, precisely, stressed a few days ago that ability of the Ghanaian to overcome lines.

Arias. Entered the scene by Morata to try to keep the 3-2.

Photos from as.com
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