1X1 of Atlético: Godín and Vitolo knock down Girona

Atlético had good moments, but he needed to hit. The Uruguayan had to wait for the VAR to validate the goal. Simeone went for the game and found a good Vitolo.

Oblak. After two minutes he justified his presence with a stretch on the line to prevent Doumbia from leading. He repeated on the striker of Girona before another header, enduring after a terrible shock with the Catalan forward. Vital, as always.

Arias. Rocky, well on Aleix García, without giving options or misleading. He was also concentrated in the turn and appearing in several crosses at the right time. In attack he lacked clarity to decide well when he received space advantage. He crashed several centers in the defense with time to think. After the break, it cost the team to find him in attack, when he did it was about to put Morata the ball in the head.

Giménez. He handled the start of the game very well and moved with precision in length. So much so that in the 43 'he put a ball of goal to Morata, that the batter finished off. It measured well almost always. He played with the threat of the fifth card, but it did not affect him. Notable.

Godin. He did not control the airspace in his area, as usual, against a very powerful rival in that facet, but paradoxically he won, opportunely, a ball in the rival that gave the game to Atlético. Good in anticipation.

Filipe. Tied up, Simeone limited his ascents so that he closely watched Portu and will act practically like third power station, leaving more the left lane for Saúl. At the time of match, without presence in rival field, was replaced by Vitolo.

Thomas. Off in the right, corseted, he spent half an hour on the axis next to Rodrigo, to aim more up. He tried the shot, taking advantage of the inertia of what happened in Mendizorroza, but this time he did not succeed. At the beginning of the second part he chained a pair of losses that led him to the bench.

Koke. The step to the right allowed him to go down more to the attack, to better start the game of Atlético after stealing and rehearsing the shot. So he crashed a ball on the crossbar in the 39 '. He lacked some speed in front of the operations, but it was correct.

Rodrigo. He controlled the center well so that Atletico could recover frequently in a rival field during the first half, covering well pass lines and limiting spaces. With a thick ball and something redundant. Without facility to overcome lines.

Saúl. It started deep and incisive by band, with a high frequency of climbs. Lacked to round some of them with some precise center. But good in the round trip and winning in the air game. Iraizoz responded very well to a zapatazo his in the 65 '. With the entry of Vitolo he went, again, to the left side. And with Juanfran's, he came forward again. Meanwhile he changed, he still had time to leave Griezmann alone against Iraizoz. Good.

Griezmann. Very applied, enabling Morata with danger and precision. He profiled very well to receive between the lines and improve the game, with a great reading to appear at the back of the pivots of Girona. The entrance of Correa caused that it lowered to the medullary one, to play as it did it in Vitoria. Then he reappeared on point and had an occasion in 88 'to sentence that crashed in Iraizoz. He did not forgive anymore in the addition, receiving Vitolo.

Morata. Atlético looked for him with immediacy as soon as he recovered and in the first part he was more in his debit than in the team that did not enjoy shooting opportunities. He did not choose well in any or he missed the control in others. He worked well, as always with his back to goal. In the 43rd minute he failed to direct a shot in the race, after a pass from Giménez. It was not easy to match the sprint and the definition. After the break he received a good ball from Giménez again, but he was wrong to look for another cut in the area. He left touched on the ankle.

Correa. He came in to play the role that is best given to him. Shake the party that had resumed at a very low pace after the break. He got it with a dropper.

Vitolo. He came in to give a new twist to the attack and he did it. He walked close to the goal in the 75th minute, porfiando in the area. He also participated in the play of Godín's goal. His shot was the origin. Good version of the Canary, who finished the match by attending Griezmann.

Juanfran. Entered in the final minutes by Morata's injury.

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