1x1 Barcelona: and redín colorado, with Suárez and Messi this League is over

The two cracks of the team sentenced in the last minutes a match that seemed destined to end in a goalless draw and finish LaLiga for the Blaugrana.

Ter Stegen: Only Griezmann disturbed him a little bit with distant shots and without much danger. A foul that stopped with success and another side that headed off Rodri were the most dangerous plays in the area Blaugrana. The truth is that rather little work in its global balance.

Sergi Roberto: demanding party for the canterano who knew how to shield the right wing based on sacrifice and hard work. He was not as lame as on other occasions, conscious that he had to guard their backs. He left Correa practically 'dry' and helped the team at the time of leaving the ball controlled. He was replaced in the last minutes by Semedo.

Piqué: Outstanding in all aspects, although in his desire to anticipate in the actions the rival caused two fouls, one to Correa and another to Morata, which ultimately were the most disturbing moves that devastated the area blaugrana. Saving these two actions, the rest of his performance was simply masterful.

Lenglet: The French central seemed another respect to the one played in Villarreal. There is no doubt that the presence of Piqué is balsamic in all aspects. Courageous and forceful in all his actions.

Alba: The most offensive and threatening Jordi appeared again on the left wing. In the 13th minute he had an unbeatable opportunity after an excellent assist from Messi but he sent the ball to the wood after beating Oblak. His game continues at a stratospheric level.

Sergio Busquets: Spectacular in the recovery of balls and tyrannical in the ball driving. He always sought to break the athletic web based on passing between lines or opening the bands. He even kicked from outside the box, although his shot was quite deflected to kick with the left.

Rakitic: Bartomeu I would begin to seriously consider scratching the pockets to make a better contract to the Croatian. His match was perfect, both in the defensive and offensive phases. It seems that the Camp Nou will understand that Ivan leaves this summer if a good offer comes. Well neither the Camp Nou nor Valverde.

Arthur: Good match of the Brazilian who was much more active and dynamic with the ball on his feet and who contributed a lot of work in defensive tasks, recovering more than one ball. He still needs a little more daring in the last few meters to consolidate his ownership in every way. It was the first change of Valverde.

Messi: He jumped to the field like an exhale, touching all the balls and being the protagonist of the whole game of the team. He gave a huge assistance to Alba and was almost a midfielder to participate more in the game. However, after about fifteen magic minutes, it faded and the first part ended with a balance of only one shot between the three clubs and a foul sent out. Luckily Leo rebelled against this situation and after the break the crack of magic nights returned. Topped four times before the goal of Oblak, but without much luck. In the end both arrojo had a prize and ended up scoring his 33rd goal to put an end to this Liga.

Luis Suárez: El Charrúa is in a spectacular moment of play. Everything you try comes out. He clenches his teeth like the one that most presses and his momentum spreads to others. If we add to all this that the forward is 'sweet' in front of goal we find the perfect 9. The Uruguayan scored a huge goal to open the can when more than one in the stands and was good for the tie. A shot with a fierce shot from the area that also touched the stick and Oblak could not do anything else. A goal that is worth a League. Yes, now on Wednesday at Old Trafford to continue with the streak and finally break the spell of the games outside the Camp Nou in Europe.

Coutinho: It is not for a statue to be raised, but at least it continues to offer green shoots that allow us to look at the future from here until the end of the season with some hope. He was the most incisive player in the first half with two huge chances, but Oblak was very attentive in both. He was replaced by Aleñá when fifteen minutes were missing and the fans gave him a more than worthy start with a mantle of applause.


Malcom: It is still the best weapon that Valverde has, until Dembélé recovers, to break the matches and look for more imbalance. It was placed in the right band, giving more breadth in the field and offering more solutions in the offensive game. He keeps giving a good image every time he goes out and contributing many things.

Aleñá: It cost him to enter the match, but when he didHe knew how to live up to what he expected from him.

Semedo: He came out in the last minutes to bring freshness and speed to the right wing.

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