1x1 Atleti: Oblak, the best of a match that 'was loaded' Costa

The goalkeeper held Atlético with extraordinary saves until Suárez and Messi sealed the game in a minute and a half. Giménez also shone.

-Oblak: He became a giant against the goal from the first shot of Barcelona in the game. If then, nothing else start the game Messi, with a master pass, leaving Jordi Alba alone before the goalkeeper, who threw the right foot of the Slovenian. The rejection flew into the hands of the goalkeeper. In the 27 'he pulled his miracle hand out of each game, for low, against Coutinho. Just before the break he made another save before Coutinho. He returned the second half and returned Oblak the same. A wall. He stopped before Suarez, stopped before Messi, huge. Suarez managed to find a crack in his gloves, with a very close shot and adjusted to the post. And opened the ban. Messi did the next move. Unfair penalty for a goalkeeper who was the best of his team and until then had been unbeatable.

-Arias: Opportunity missed in 15 'after a good play between Griezmann, Costa who, almost before the goalkeeper, left the Colombian to shoot. He did ... to Coutinho's body. It was changed in the 35 ', so that Correa entered after the expulsion of Costa.

-Giménez: Atletico's first shot in the game. A kick that went high after a recovery against Griezmann. Solid behind, he was the best Atletico player. Almost scored in the second half, after heading a foul kick by Griezmann.

-Godín: It might be his last game at the Camp Nou with the rojiblanca, it will be if a renewal does not prevent it, and a tribute to itself: very solid behind, a wall. At least in the first minutes. But when the game went to rest he made an absurd mistake that his team could pay dearly: to give Suárez a ball that left him alone against Oblak.

-Filipe: It was not his match. Unfortunate in the passes up, of cohesion with the front. It was changed in the 57 'by Morata.

-Saúl: He lived a particular fight with Arthur. He could appear little in attack. As soon as the second half started, Griezmann stole a ball and gave it to him for the counter. Saul ran against the world. Saúl with Piqué ahead, pursued by four rivals. He ended up stealing the culé center. After the expulsion of Costa had to go to the left band and lost arrival.

-Thomas: Forced to occupy the right side after the expulsion of Costa and the subsequent entry of Correa. He also missed arrival.

-Rodrigo: Well the first minutes. He only missed two passes in the first half. He gave the shock when he had to be treated by a blow. He continued without problems. Great recuperator to the center.

-Koke: He lacked support to get the ball played. Great assistance to Griezmann in the ball that ended up blocking Ter Stegen.

-Griezmann: Playing with his back to the goal, was the playmaker of Atlético. He got whistles from a section of the Camp Nou, every time he touched the ball. First occasion in the 19 'against Ter Stegen who blocked: the French had run out of angle.

-Costa: Had his version Hyde, the worst face of the Beast: in minute 28' left his team with ten. Gil Manzano took the red straight because the Spanish-Brazilian rebuke something, vein in the neck, two millimeters from his face. To the shower. A blow for an Atlético that played LaLiga, although Costa seemed to have forgotten it. In the 8 'he also released the elbow to Lenglet by which he could have seen the card. As for the game, hardly anything. A shot that went high. Two balls that he was not able to hold on his back.

-Correa: He left in the 32 'after the expulsion of Costa. He tried to get the ball out with one less. Very quarrelsome and solid in defense. But in attack did not give anything, very, very little.

-Morata: He entered the 57 'and nothing else to do it tried a scorpion shot, brave. Fighter but very lonely.

-Juanfran: He entered the 42 'to play the last three minutes.

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