Without Parejo, with cold and with a short advantage of the way

Marcelino will supply his captain with Kondogbia and Coquelin (18:55, GOL). The short advantage of the first leg invites Valencia to go for the game.

The last time Dani Parejo did not play a match with Valencia was at the beginning of November, specifically the 7th against the Young Boys in Mestalla. They have passed 28 parties since then and 26 of them played them complete. Therefore, it can be said that for Marcellin's Valencia being without Parejo is an experience of life. After all, since will arrive the Asturian to the bench of Mestalla only has lost 8 of 90 official meetings. Now, Marcelino arrives at this stage of the season with his 'Plan B' or 'Plan without Parejo' in perfect conditions, that is, the Coquelin-Kondogbia tandem ( follows the game live on As.com) .

The Valencia will not only play in Krasnodar without Parejo, also with nieve, cold and a short advantage of the first leg, so short that with a goal before their audience the Russians would be in the quarterfinals. The 2-1 Mestalla incites those of Marcelino to not speculate. And they will not. Or at least that is the intention. Marcelino wants his s to win for the victory, because that is the best formula to continue riding through Europe. Of the Russians, the che expected more version of the second half in Mestalla that the offered during the first 30 ', in which they were knocked out and phase in which Valencia could have sentenced the tie. But he did not.

Musaev yesterday made an appeal to Spirit of Ajax and United, to his comebacks in Champions. The Russian coach, who has all available and who worries about black and white kickback speed, reminds his team that they have a historic 1122112 opportunity. However, the Russians already have nine matches between the league and Europe without getting the victory, while Valencia have been without a match since January 22.

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