Westbrook, a fan of Utah: "I'm going to fuck you ... you and your wife!"

The base of the Thunder was faced with a fan of the Jazz. As he later clarified before the cameras, he reacted like this because of the racist insults that the couple threw at him during the game.

Russell Wesbrook wanted to explain his version of events later. According to him, this fan told him to "get on your knees as you are used to," in what Westbrook understood as a reference to the racial difference between the two. "I will not allow them to continue to disrespect my family, and if I had to do it again, I would say exactly the same, because what I have done is defend myself, my family, my children, my wife, My mom, my dad ... I hope that someone else does the same thing ... As for hitting his wife, I have never laid a hand on a woman and I never will I. I have never been involved in a case of violence She had never done it before, but once she said the comment her wife also repeated the same thing, that's how it all started, I know that only the end of the video has been seen, but the beginning is much more important and disrespectful than the that has been heard. "

The Jazz fan spoke at the end of the game with television to tell what happened from his point of view. According to his version it started as something "fun", when they told him "ice to the knees, you'll need it" when listening to the base saying on the bench that they burned him. This fan that bothered him most was that Westbrook addressed his girlfriend on the same terms as him. "He went crazy, she did not get up, she did not say a word to him, that is, everything is fine and we are having fun and playing, but no man should threaten a woman ... Point, he does not scare me. when you threaten a woman who measures 1.52 and weighs 50 kilos, you think you're very big, you have to make public what you said. "

Shane Keisel, the Jazz fan who was involved in a verbal altercation with Russell Westbrook during the Jazz loss to the Thunder, explains his side of what happened. @ KSL5TV @kslsports #nba pic.twitter.com/ScCSRttTCg

- Jeremiah Jensen (@JJSportsBeat) March 12, 2019

The Jazz made a statement to explain how the situation was and the measures they had taken: "We continue to investigate the unfortunate exchange During the game between Russell Westbrook and the fans tonight, the security of the pavilion handed out warning circulars, and players and fans have a shared responsibility to create a safe and respectful environment. NBA Code of Conduct, the appropriate measures will be taken. "


- Ute Believer (@UteBeliever) March 12, 2019

After the altercation and the amateur speaking for television, there have been many those who have found in the social networks of this fan phrases of long ago messing with Russell Westbrook and racist messages, to the same time he declared himself a follower of Donald Trump with the hashtag #MAGA (Make America Great Again), the famous quote made famous by the now-president of the United States.

Shane Keisel, the Jazz fan who got in the altercation with Westbrook tonight told him to "Get down on your knees like you used to." Keisel has since deleted his Twitter. He is a racist, and should be banned from NBA arenas / games. No room for derogatory comments like that. pic.twitter.com/taBh8tUaMF

- Juan Gutierrez (@ AirForceJuan11) March 12, 2019

Shane Keisel's world will be quite different in the morning. not all 15 min of fame are desirable. pic.twitter.com/ki7Gnqk88V

- 08/24/19 😎 (@BGGrosso) March 12, 2019

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