Ugliest defeat of the Raptors by 25 points in Cleveland

The Canadians, who played back-to-back, had no chance of taking the game. Marc, 2 + 7 + 4, and Ibaka, 8 + 7 and expelled.

The Toronto Raptors qualified mathematically days ago for the playoffs and it seems impossible to get second place (he draws five and a half games for Sixers and Pacers). Ahead, the Bucks have failed several times lately, so it was the perfect situation to try to assault the lead. But these s Raptors, who are failing even more than those in Milwaukee, do not quite find a way to play well every night.

What about Cleveland, however, is a serious blow. Beyond playing back-to-back, losing for 25 in Ohio for an aspiring ring is not a receipt. It is true that the Cavs played very well, much more than we are used to. Especially in defense, where caused 20 losses of Canadians (6 more than usual). They had a great percentage of triples (43.9%) and excellent in the free throw (21/22) . But the Raptors helped them a lot.

11/39 in triples and 10/17 in free throws for a team lost during the whole match. Kawhi Leonard (25 + 9 + 2), who rested against the Heat, and Kyle Lowry (14 + 5 + 6, very successful but throwing very little), were the only two players who gave the size. In a normal game this could be worth it, but if the rest of the team does not work it does not even come with that. Marc Gasol, who started , was 2 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists with a 1/6 shot. Attack has not yet been noticed . The good thing for him is that he seems to be going out in the starting lineup for a while and will be able to gain more confidence with the team's playing mechanisms.

And why will he be a starter? Because a Ibaka crossed the cable and it is not the first time. At the end of the third quarter the Raptors tried a very difficult basket with a second of time, taking Ibaka, who was on the other side of the field, from his end line. The Spaniard did not take the ball and fell to the ground before the defense of Marquese Chriss, who did nothing to throw him. With Ibaka on the ground, Chriss stared at him and the Raptors got up and went for him. He held him by the neck against the basket and tried to release a punch, something that also made the Cavs before being caught between Ibaka and the basket. The two were expelled and a multi-game sanction is expected for the Raptors' power forward.

In the Cavs six players (the five holders plus Jordan Clarkson) achieved double digits. Especially noted by Cillin Sexton (28 + 4 + 5) and Kevin Love (16 + 18) that it is clear that he is the head of this team. The victory, in any case, leaves them only a game and a half below the Bulls, fourth by the tail. To stay beyond the third is to lose options to take the number one of the draft, so the fans of the Cavs that enjoy this triumph, because it is probable that we do not see many more in what remains of season.

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