Toyota and the other teams of the 1000 Miles of Sebring

The race belongs to the Resistance World Championship, it has four categories and two Spaniards, García and Molina, as well as Alonso participate.

In the World of Resistance the great reference is Toyota over all others, very above, the only official team in the premier class with a car of more than a thousand horses, hybrid engine and also has one of the best pilots of the history of Motorsport: Fernando Alonso. Toyota is in the 1000 Miles of Sebring, one of the two great races of the so-called SuperSebring next to the 12 Hours of the American championship IMSA.

But inside del WEC there are other cars that are divided into four categories with the odd subcategory. And In addition to Alonso there are two other Spaniards competing in this contest: Antonio García and Miguel Molina. The Madrid participant will also participate in the appointment of the IMSA with his Corvette, while the Catalan is one of the favorites also in its category with Ferrari.

As for the categories that will dispute the 1000 miles are the following:


Official teams and pilots professionals. Maximum length of the car: 4.65 meters. Battle: Between 1.8 and 1.9 meters. Power: 1,000 horses. Minimum weight: 878 kilos. Maximum speed: 335 km / h. Change: sequences of seven marches.

These are the data of the hybrid LMP1, ie the Toyota, with energy recovery system. As for the non-hybrids have somewhat less power of 650 to 700 horses and weigh 833 kilos, the rest of the characteristics are the same. It is the category of Alonso.


Private teams, professional drivers and gentleman drivers. Maximum length: 4.75 meters. Battle: Between 1.8 and 1.9 meters. Power: 600 horses. Minimum weight: 930 kilos. Maximum speed: 335 km / h. Change: sequences of six marches. Capacity of the fuel tank: 75 liters. Maximum price: 483,000 euros without motor or electronics.


PRO: Professional equipment and pilots. Here would be Antonio García and Miguel Molina. AM: Professional or amateur teams and drivers (gentleman drivers). Minimum weight: 1,245 kilos. Maximum speed: 330 km / h. Change: sequences of six marches. Gas tank capacity: 90 liters. Maximum power: 500 horses.

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