"Return to F1? If I can win ..."

The Asturian speaks with Barrichello for a channel of 'YouTube' and leaves the door open for a possible return as we have always said in As.

It's fun, even in cars with nails to cross the ice. But ... F1 is F1. Your world, your universe forever. Fernando Alonso to Rubens Barrichello: "Formula 1 is always going to miss you because they are the fastest cars on the planet If you have the opportunity to reach a leading team with the possibility of winning, you will always say 'yes' because F1 is F1 ".

The Spaniard has a contract with McLaren in theory to be his ambassador next season, but he has always left open the possibility of returning to the big prizes. But he wants to win, as we've always said in Ace. He's gone, but he could come back. And maybe in 2020.

More than some tests in Andorra with cars for ice, the next one he will do with the Toyota car of the Dakar, predictably in South Africa with the official team and other adventures, the Spaniard always has and will have Formula 1 in his head . But the Brazilian asks for another category more ... "I like the Stock Car. I have not seen any race, only the images on social networks, but they are spectacular cars, very low to the ground and I would like to test. Me like to try all the racing cars, "he said.


Beyond wishes this season his goal is the Indianapolis 500, the Triple Crown and all that, you know. "Indianapolis is the priority this year, I'll do the missing WEC races, Le Mans again, but my head is set in Indianapolis, trying to win that race. I know it's the hardest of the three in the Triple Crown because I've grown up in F1 and if you have a good car, you can win the championship, at Le Mans with the Toyota this year we had a very good chance of winning because we had a better car, but Indianapolis is difficult. " It is the most unpredictable. As he wanted. Or not?

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