"They thought it was an aerodynamic piece, but it's not"

"The regulation says that you can use the 'spoiler' to cool the tire, evacuate water or protect it," said Ciabatti before the case passed into the hands of the FIM.

It was already known that Paolo Ciabatti, director of Ducati, is a man in victory and defeat, but now he has also shown signs of being so in times of tension, such as when the Race Directorate attended for an hour and a half to the claim of Honda, Suzuki, KTM and Aprilia for understanding that the rear spoiler that mounted the Desmosedici de Dovizioso was illegal. It's nice to hear the Italian's calm statements, although he said them before the four factories appealed the decision of the Race Directorate and that the case was handed over to the FIM Appeals Commission and that the victory of Dovizioso was once again in the air.

-What exactly is the piece of the Ducati for which four factories claimed to Race Management?

-To cool the rear tire, which is achieved by channeling the air to the tire. There are riders who are quite critical of the rear tire, such as Petrucci and Miller, who have a lot of problems with rear rubber consumption, but it is also worth it if it gives a small advantage for Dovi. Any thousandth of a second is important, as it shows that we have won by only 23 thousandths of advantage over Márquez.

-Does that spoiler look like the one used by Yamaha last year in Valencia in the rain?

-Yes. It is inspired by him. The regulation says clearly that it can be used to cool the tire, to evacuate the water or to protect it from remains on the asphalt.

-Why have they claimed then?

-Because they said it was an aerodynamic piece, but Not so.

-Had the verifications passed on Thursday of the grand prize?

-Of course, before using it, the technical management knew what we were using.

-Could they continue using the rest of the season?

-Sure, if nothing happens that we do not expect. If it is legal we will use it where we think it is necessary to use it. It may not be at all races or it may be that it is. This is decided by the engineers.

-Were you afraid of being taken out of Dovizioso's victory for this?

-Man, you always get a little nervous in such a situation, but we knew that the reason was on our side.

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