The West, almost decided with Spurs and Clippers in the playoffs

The Blazers did not fail in New Orleans and are fourth. In the East, the Hornets finished with the last options of the Wizards.

In case you needed an informal confirmation of what was visible in recent days, by numbers and by sensations, this day seemed to bring it: lost the Kings and won Clippers and Spurs. And, without emotion or drama, the Western playoffs are closed except cataclysm and lack of final positioning. With Warriors, Nuggets, Rockets, Thunder Blazers, Spurs, Jazz and Clippers. Less revolution than it seemed there could be, much less battle than expected. Unfortunately.

The Spurs, who seemed in danger after the worst ever rodeo tour (1-7 in eight games), have since propped up their presence in a playoffs that are not lost since 1997. And they have done so after winning without disheveled the Knicks (109-83) in their track, where they accumulate nine consecutive wins and 16 in 18 games. Curious: 27-7 at home 13-22 at home for those of Popovich, who remembered their disastrous defeat in New York (130-118) against the worst team of the season (13-56) and that they took revenge from the defense and with a simply efficient match and six players in 12 points or more (and none in LaMarcus Aldridge's 20:18) .

Many more history had the Staples game, where the Clippers closed for sixth in seven games (128-6). 121) before a Bulls (19-51) that sent in the first time (57-63) and were later seen in a spectacular third quarter of the Angelenos: 45-21 to 102-84. In those twelve minutes of gale they signed a 16/24 in shots, a 5/8 in triples and added 6 steals with 7 forced losses to a paralyzed Bulls. Gallinari racked up 12 of his 27 points, Shamet scored his three triples and a very tough illegal blockade of Harrell (which went to 26 points) finished with two coaches, Doc Rivers and Jim Boylen, expelled in an absolutely unusual.

Spurs and the Clippers have not only sent the Kings far away but they are looking higher. The Texans are sixth, with half a game advantage of Jazz in a technical draw with the Angelinos. Even the Thunder do not go too far (+2 on the Spurs) after six defeats in ten games that have sent them to fifth place, half-game of the Blazers (42-26) after the triumph of the Oregon in New Orleans (110-122) .

The Pelicans, without Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday, are certainly not the team that swept the Blazers in the first round of the last playoffs. Now they will see (30-41) on television the playoffs of a season in which nothing was as they had dreamed and which is assuming a languid and of course very long farewell to the very failed was Davis. Without their two stars, Gentry's team managed to get ahead of the break (57-56) and they were alive at the halfway point of the last quarter (99-102) before being shot by a rival's Damian Lillard. 24 was placed as the second leading scorer (12.584) in the history of the franchise, already ahead of LaMarcus Aldridge and still far from the 18.040 points of the legendary Clyde Drexler. The local resistance was armed between Julius Randle (45 + 11 + 6 ) and Elfrid Payton (14 + 12 + 16) leading triple-doubles in a row.

The Hornets give the lace to the Wizards

In the Eastern Conference, the Hornets gave (110-116) the lace to the few playoff options of the Wizards of Bradley Beal (40 + 5 + 5). With Kemba Walker (28 points), Jerremy Lamb (18) and Tony Parker (16) as executors, Carolina's have won twice in a week the weakest rival in the painful struggle for eighth place in the East, which curiously concerns to four teams of the exaggeratedly weak Southeast: Heat (32-36), Magic (32-28), Hornets (31-37) and Wizards (29-40). To four parties already, the latter are virtually out. The Heat now have only one advantage over Magic and Hornets. The one that fails the least, will be in the playoffs.

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