The second life of Óscar Sevilla: 42 years old triumphs as a Colombian

The Spanish-Colombian cyclist continues winning races at his 42 years with Team Medellín. This last week has won three stages and the general one in the Vuelta a Chiloé.

Óscar Sevilla lives a second youth on the bike at 42.222222 The cyclist born in Ossa de Montiel (Albacete) and who has been living in Colombia for almost 10 years (he has dual citizenship) continues to add sporting successes with Team Medellín. The last of them took place last week in Chile, where Sevilla won three stages and the general one of the Cyclo Tour to Chiloé.

Sevilla has already left behind those years as a professional in Europe where he alternated lights with shadows. Sevilla, second ranked in the Tour of Spain in 2001 and seventh and winner of the white jersey in the Tour de France that year (he was seventh overall) saw his career took a turn in 2006, when it was identified by the Civil Guard as one of the cyclists involved in Operation Puerto. Despite this, Sevilla was not sanctioned and could continue competing. In 2007 he ran in the Relax-Gam, with which he won the general of the Ruta del Sur that year.

Sevilla went on to compete in the Rock Racing in 2008 before giving the sault to Colombian cycling in 2010, achieving the overall the Tour of Mexico Telmex and winning two stages and being second in the general of the Vuelta a Colombia, a race in which he won three other stages in 2011. In 2013, Sevilla would begin his career in EPM-UNE, with which he won the Vuelta to Colombia three years in a row between 2013 and 2015.

In 2017 Seville signed for Team Medellín, where he still remains, and with which he has alternated races in Latin America with others in the European calendar. That year he was second in the Tour of San Juan, third in the Vuelta a Asturias, sixth in the Tour of Castilla y León winner of the last stage in the Tour of Ankara (he was second in the general) and won again a race in Europe after winning the general of the Vuelta a la Comunidad de Madrid.

Sevilla continued to add successes in 2018, with the triumph in the stage of Alto Colorado and the general Vuelta a San Juan after the disqualification for doping by Gonzalo Najar . In March of last year Sevilla was the victim of the theft of his bicycle while he went out to train. In the incident Sevilla was attacked by the assailants, who broke his arm and two ribs, although he managed to recover to reach the Tour of the Community Cycling of Madrid.

In addition to the triumph in the Tour of Chiloé, Sevilla has set good performances so far this season. It was third in the overall in the Vuelta a San Juan, it was Top-20 in the demanding Colombia 2.1 and second in the Vuelta Independencia of the Dominican Republic, where it managed to win the sixth stage. Sevilla hopes that this record will continue to rise while the legs resist.

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