The Rockets send a warning to the Nuggets ... and all the West

Excellent defensive performance of the Texans against some Nuggets that only scored 4 triples. Three matches of difference now between both.

This was an important match in the West: for the end of the season numbers ... and for those who already look, and not just out of the corner of their eyes, at the sensations facing the playoffs. The Rockets, after losing against a few Bucks that have become something of their nemesis with their radical defensive approach against Harden, won the Nuggets (112-85). Rather, they were passed over with a tremendous sense of superiority. Now it's 48-28 by 50-24, three games apart with the tiebreaker in favor of D'Antoni (3-1 in direct duels) .

There's almost no time left, so the Rockets are now to three games, do not shoot the Nuggets, now one of the Warriors again and after two defeats in the last three. But Malone's have a harder schedule too, starting with a back to back tonight at OKC. So the Rockets can try ... while at least hitting the Blazers, who will try to resist in their new life without Nurkic. Apriori, the third avoids the Warriors until the end of the West. And, sure, the second will have field advantage in the first two rounds.

But beyond the accounts, the game proved again that the Rockets have definitely given the sock and that van go back to reach the playoffs as the biggest threat for the Warriors, of course if we take as a reference a match that they broke with 40 points in the second quarter (40-19 for 62-44) but that they held from the defense until the shots began to enter and when Jokic still dictated the pace (12 + 5 + 6 at the break, 16 + 8 + 6 final for the Serbian, very punished by the aid of the Rockets and the problems that gave him a Capela that ended with 17 points and 15 rebounds. local went into heat in attack, the score was tight enough that his blow was almost final, with a huge difference in the shot of three: 33 points plus the Rockets, horrible 4/24 of the Nuggets.4444 444

The last attempt (77-63) of reaction closed it with eight points in a partial 10-2 Harden, which returned to its usual dynamic after the bad drink of Milwaukee: 38 + 6 + 6 and 5/11 in triples. In the Nuggets, no one scored with consistency (20 points from Jamal Murray) against a rival who remembered the excellent defensive team that came to be last season and that has taken a long time to return this one. A warning to take into account, since as things are in the West, this could perfectly a semifinal, second against third. We'll see in what order, although the Nuggets still have an important advantage. Still.

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