The rivals do not believe the Ducati theory of cooling the tire

For Honda, Suzuki, KTM and Aprilia, which promoted the claim, does not strain the 'spoiler' to lower the temperature and see in it a prohibited aerodynamic piece.

How few have been sleeping today responsible for five of the six factories of MotoGP for the initial claim, the subsequent dismissal, the return to the burden with the appeal and the final transfer to the Court of Appeal of the FIM for the trial against the Ducati of Dovizioso after winning the Qatari race. You could see this morning very early, Davide Tardozzi, Ducati team manager, explain everything that happened to members of his team the previous morning for the piece of discord. This is a spoiler at the height of the rear of the keel, hooked to the swingarm that, according to Paolo Ciabatti, sports director of the Borgo Panigale factory, was to cool the rear tire, something that his rivals do not believe ...

For Honda, Suzuki, KTM and Aprilia, which is the one that most insistently promoted the claim, does not strain that theory, because the track was only 20 degrees, and they see in it a forbidden aerodynamic piece. If it were Malaysia, scenario hot where they are, could strain, but not in the Qatari night of March 10.

Massimo Rivola, Aprilia's CEO, told 'gpone' that he telephoned Gigi Dall'Igna, of Ducati, about what they would claim against them if they used that piece in their Desmosedici. The spoiler is inspired by the one that installed Yamaha in its M1 in the Valencia race last year, with the intention of evacuating the water, What is allowed? Rivola explains that "on February 19 came a clarification from Danny Aldrige (technical director of the World Cup) confirming that it could be used in case of rain and on March 2 came another nuance that could not be used with aerodynamic benefits." Rivola who arrives at MotoGP from F1, Ferrari, ensures that they have shown in a report that the air travels very fast in that part of the bike and that with any type of wing you can achieve aerodynamic loads.

For the competition of Ducati, that spoiler in the shape of a spoon has three inner wings in a ladder, it is an aerodynamic piece that plays with the air flow of the motorcycle from the front to the rear. A kind of floor effect in the F1 single-seaters applied to MotoGP. Rivola tells it like this: "Actually there are three wings inside the spoon. Why three? The question is rhetorical and any aerodynamic engineer can tell you that it is made to generate charge. They try to convince us that in addition to being able to use it as a deflector to evacuate the water, it can also be done to cool the temperature of the rear tire, when the problem is the opposite with the low temperatures of the night in Qatar ".

Rivola, which is sees convincing and very put in the matter, ends saying that "the initial claim for a political question was rejected. The fact is that the new aerodynamic rules were made to reduce costs. That is the spirit of the rule, but decisions have been made in the opposite direction. I've been racing for many years and nobody adds an extra gram and a half to their mechanics if it's not for improvements. I do not want to be seen as the kid who comes from Formula 1 and wants to teach the rules to others. I'm not a technician, but we need a bigger professionalism. "

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