The Renault engine recovers ground: 10 km / h of improvement

They have found more top speed compared to Australia 2018, although they fight with Honda for not having the worst propeller on the grid.

In the classification of Australia 2018, the McLaren de Alonso and Vandoorne were the lowest maximum speed recorded: they closed that table with 309.8 and 308 kilometers per hour, respectively, closely following the Red Bull de Ricciardo (311.1 ) and the Renault de Sainz (310.4) and Hulkenberg (309.9). Yes, they all had in common the propeller developed by the French manufacturer, lower performance in a round compared to Mercedes, Ferrari and, at times, also with Honda. This year, in that same session, the power unit of Renault has reached figures identical to the rest of the engines on the grid.

Sainz rolled at 320.8 kilometers per hour, the best number among those who carried a propeller of Viry , with Hulkenberg and Norris at only one kilometer per hour away, a minimal disadvantage. Sergio Pérez reached the highest speed with the Mercedes engine of his Racing Point and was 322.5 km / h, similar to the views a year ago. Giovinazzi set a 322.4 with the Ferrari of his Alfa Romeo and Albon rolled to 322.3 km / ha the controls of the Toro Rosso Honda. Therefore, it can be said that Renault has progressed 10 km / h in one year and that its possibilities y do not limit the potential of the cars that ride it, at least one lap. That which Red Bull always complained about during his alliance with the Japanese.

"I have noticed a change, yes, I see that we are going in the right direction, although I still think that we are behind the Ferrari and Mercedes engines, but you can tell we have something to fight for now, I've had four seasons in F1 and I've always had 10 kilometers per hour less on all the straights, so now I'm two or three kilometers per hour away from the top teams it is an encouraging situation It seems that they have a clear how to develop the engine during the year, it is positive ", Carlos Sainz explained after the session, in which he finished 18th without passing the cut of Q1 to find a Williams stopped on his lap good, when the track was in better condition. Nick Chester, technical director of Renault, recognizes the improvement: "I can not say how much extra power he has, but we are happy and it is a good step, I do not know what Honda has, because they also say that they have progressed, but in our case it is more or less what we expected ".

Waiting for Honda

There is consensus to establish Ferrari and Mercedes as the best engines today, and for the performance of client computers you can designate the Italian as a reference, for now. Haas and Alfa Romeo are in a world of Racing Point and especially Williams. More difficult is to designate which is the third in discord. In the paddock there are those who are inclined to the Honda option, taking into account that if Toro Rosso has made a qualitative leap, that Red Bull has not done it should not be the fault of the engine, but of the chassis. In fact, on on Friday they had to replace that of the RB15 of Verstappen, as the FIA clarified, so not all the incidents at the headquarters of Milton Keynes are due to their new Japanese partner, who even advanced their evolutions planned for China for the version released in Australia.

But we still have to wait to confirm that Honda has advanced or not to Renault, especially because one of the keys will be in the reliability that harassed more to the Japanese than to the French in recent times, but that Neither was a strong point in any case. At the moment, the turbo and problems related to the escapes have been a recurring incidence in the McLaren engine. Red Bull has already had a slight problem related to the Gasly Honda propeller in Australia, but it has not transcended further. Good communication is one of the main strategies of your new partnership.

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