The Pistons touch the playoffs and the Nets look into the abyss

Key triumph of those of Casey before a Magic that returns to be ninth of the East. Embiid swept Nets with a terrible calendar.

It was not a fight we had a few weeks ago, but it's still a good fight: five teams fight for three playoff places in the East, in which after this night the Heat (37-38) are back with half match advantage over the Magic (37-39) , who lost a very direct duel that gave air to the Pistons (38-37), who are now sixth, ahead of Nets in serious danger (38-38) and with the Hornets (25-29) in a last desperate sprint.

The Pistons played long after a hard tour of the West and on the return to a track where they added (115-98) their tenth successive win, their best streak at home in thirteen years. In addition, gave a huge sense of superiority against a Magic that had chained six victories to hold on to eighth place in the East, which are now coming back. The triples of Wyane Ellington (7/13 for 25 points) gave an enormous dimension to a team based, of course, on their twin towers: 20 + 10 + 5 of Griffin and 18 + 18 and 6 blocks of Drummond.

A defeat I would have left the Casey with the water around my neck. Now they take a game and a half away that is probably enough, because besides, it is the Nets that look very seriously into the abyss. They only have one cushion match in full swing, motivated by an atrocious calendar that will not improve. They have six games left and they are against Celtics, Pacers, Raptors, twice Bucks and Heat in what can be a direct duel for the playoffs. So the end of the season can play a very bad pass to a team that has starred in one of the great stories of the course.

In Philadelphia, they lost (123-110) but came to recover a bad start to get to six (71-) 65) with two free throws, which Kurucs failed before a partial and yes decisive 10-0. Joe Harris was the best, along with LeVert (40 points between the two), in a very discreet day of D'Angelo Russell: 13 points with 19 shots, 8 assists for 7 losses. Nothing to do against Joel Embiid (39 + 13 + 6) and some Sixers who have almost already secured (48-27, +3 to the Pacers) third place in the East. Simmons (16 + 8 assists) and Redick (18 points) were the best companions of the Cameroonian center, which advances towards the playoffs at the best moment of his career. Caring.

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