The past is the future

They scored Isco, and Bale and played Keylor, Marcelo and Asensio in the return of Zidane. More optimism than play in Madrid. Celta lacked daring.

The regime has a smile again, the conciliator of Zidane, but the goal will have to buy it. It cost Madrid more than an hour to get a depressed and timid Celta out of the way, was split in two as in the best / worst times of the bbC and it was not much fanned in the unmarked, but it extended its horizons: Modric ends well, Asensio, Isco and Marcelo convalesce, Keylor raises the hand and Bale re-marks.

No was revolution, but involution, with the rope of prisoners to the complete: Keylor, Marcelo, Isco, Asensio and Bale. The team of Kiev as far as possible (they were missing the injured Carvajal, the sanctioned Casemiro and the longed for Christian), looking for the solution in the past, without these hours being possible determine if they all played for salvables or salable, if it was costume or business policy. It turned out, in any case, an opportunity for them to prove their innocence.

But that condescending climate for the 'remake' of Zidane did not quite reach the turf. El Madrid was a group of little rhythm, with low capacity of recovery and very little game to the space. It was clear that it is in a demilitarized zone, without goals or dangers. Zidane grouped the team around a 4-4-2, with Modric and Kroos lined up, Bale and Asensio as interchangeable ends and Isco hooking behind Benzema's back. It was not the cyclone that was expected. Also because the Celta defended sensibly. More after the injury in the minute 3 'of Juncá, which forced a complete defensive reform (Kevin on the left, Costas on the right, Hoedt in the center) .

Of the chances to the goals

All, the first part offered some notes A paralyon of Keylor to close very close Maxi Gomez left Zidane well. Kroos from afar, Bale in scissor frontal to the crossbar and Ramos of head grazed the first as much in the quarter of hour more active of Madrid. Zidane has brought the optimism, but to request the goal to him was too much. On the other side, the team retreated late and badly and if it was not paid it was because the panic for the critical situation shrugged a lot Celta, who let go clear options in superiority. In this had to do the laziness of Kroos, which is not about to close the door.

The duel also went through the VAR, which recommended Munuera review a goal by Modric, canceled because Varane bothered the view of Ruben Blanco. Play Gray , but understandable invalidation. And immediately, the 1-0, in action started by Asensio and topped by Isco when his replacement was ready. The VAR threw the line in the snatch of Benzema, intermediary of the haul, but found no irregularity. Isco watched the trial from the bench. The goal unleashed Asensio, the most promising of the outlaws, better on the right than on the left. And, even intimidated by the hum that accompanies him, Bale marked with the right, to close a game full of optimism and short game. There were ovations for all the changes, as if the crisis had never been there. Zidane seems to have erased the prints.

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