The Pacers take revenge on George with a heroic comeback

The Jazz win easy to a Wolves exhausted and the Magic overwhelmed the Cavaliers and continue fighting for the eighth place in the Eastern Conference.

Truendo game in Indianapolis and tremendous triumph of some Pacers (108-106) who resist to die. Nor let run this game against the Thunder when it seemed lost almost in the equator of the third quarter (54-73) or give up in a This that practically discarded when a knee injury ended with his star, Victor Oladipo, for the entire season. Follow third parties (44-25) and still ahead of Sixers and Celtics. Tough, intense, collective. One of the best-trained and most beautiful teams to watch in the entire NBA. A team with capital letters.

Front the Thunder (42-27) are not at their best and have gone from ruminating the second place in the West to see fifths.222222 And nobody in the West wants to play all the playoffs without factor court, of course . The match was of course very dangerous: in back to back and against a tremendous rival and an atmosphere electrified by the return (his second game there with the Thunder shirt) to Indiana Paul George, booed and of course hurricane, for good (for 47 minutes) and the bad (the last 60 seconds) . George had 25 points at halftime and finished in 36 + 6 + 5 but he lost two balls in the last minute and let out after blocking Matthews, who patted a Bogdanovic's error to score the decisive basket. Westbrook added another triple-double (27 this season: 19 + 14 + 11) and Adams was in all the fights, but the Thunder finally escaped a triumph that seemed to have tied: a blackout in the third quarter gave life to the Pacers, who did not step on the brake anymore. In his pack, the best they have: 23 points from Boganovic, 26 with 7 rebounds from Sabonis, 17 with 7 assists from Collison, 16 with 4 triples from Matthews, Turner's defense ... Boos to Paul George, tremendous comeback and still and against all odds, in third place in the East. What an incredible season in Indiana.


The Wolves ran out of energy when the Jazz squeezed just enough in defense: had arrived in Salt Lake City in the morning after an epic trip from Minnesota because of the storms nieve that have that area of the United States in check. Still, 14 points in the third quarter (and 26 + 12 final) from Karl-Anthony Towns had their team in the game (71-70) before the Jazz finally escaped: +10 already at the end of that third partial. With 24 points from Mitchell and 17 + 11 from Favors, it was a simple triumph for the locals, with good minutes from Crowder and Korver from the bench and a bad day in the shot (1/7) by Ricky Rubio (8 points, 8 assists) . 39-29 for the Jazz, sixth for the West, and 32-37 for the Wolves, lost anywhere.


Finally the Magic did what they had to do: win a worse team. With Vucevic (19 + 11) and Gordon (21 + 6) in front, they swept from the first quarter some horrible Cavaliers (23 Sexton points) and broke a losing streak (a victory in five games despite a not too complicated schedule) ) that les was moving away from a very easy eighth place in the East for which they were favorites a little while ago and that they still have a party and a half even though they are with a sad 32-38. The Cavaliers, 17-52,

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