The owner of the Knicks on the fan ejected from Madison: "It was a trap"

It was recorded in a video while shouting to James Dolan: "Sell the equipment". According to the owner, the fan wanted to sell those recordings and will not enter the Garden anymore.

Four days have passed since James Dolan, owner of the Knicks, took the luxury of expulsar from life of Madison Square Garden a fan of the team. After the loss to the Kings last Saturday, the owner of the New York franchise was preparing to leave the court for one of the exits at the foot of the track. It was at that moment when a fan, while recording the situation on video, shouted to him a few meters: "Sell the team" .

After listening to him, Dolan stopped and asked the fan if he really thinks he should sell the team, even reaching to plant the option to watch the games from home: "Do not you want to come to more games?" . He responded by saying that he had only given his opinion but the answer bothered the owner even more. "No, that's not an opinion. Enjoy watching the games on television, "settled Dolan sharply.

This chapter brought tail of opinions on the drastic measure taken by the owner of the Knicks, who had in mind to lift the punishment to the fan if it were not because the confrontation with him was premeditated by the fan.

Dolan acknowledged last Tuesday, in an interview on the program The Michael Kay Show on ESPN, that that person had tenter in order to sell the video to channel TMZ. Therefore, he finally decided to keep the sanction of not stepping on Madison Square Garden again: "The punishment is due to the fact that we have known that he planned the situation. These guys had planned to make that video and sell it to TMZ. They can not do that in the Garden. You can not allow them to harass the owner and then face him like that ".

The businessman has been the owner of the Big Apple team for two decades and now they are going through one of the worst moments. The block remains the peor team of the NBA with only 13 wins and 55 defeats, and a negative streak of seven trips in a row, thus multiplying its chances of power to take the No. 1 draft and maintaining salary space for dos two large contracts the next course. A becoming much more hopeful than what they see, or in some cases fail to see, the fans in the Garden today.

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