The Nuggets doubt Thomas and leave him out of the rotation

As reported by Nick Kosmider, Michael Malone would have had a talk with the base in which he would have decided not to have him at the moment.

Almost 29 points and 6 assists. That's what Isaiah Thomas averaged in 2016/17, when he reached the height of his career. In that season the player led the Boston Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 2012 with a 53-point shock included in the second round that same year against the Wizards. A lot of season in which ended up being All-Star, fifth in the vote for the MVP and second best quintet in the NBA.

Since then nothing. The injury of, precisely that Conference Final (which missed the last three games) followed dragging in the following season, when he signed for Cavaliers LeBron James (who had eliminated Boston the previous year) in a team that he promised them (Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade) but that ended in a real fiasco. The base, who barely played 15 games after reappearing from his injuries, signed less than 15 points per game (half that in 2016/17) with a few percentages and was one of the victims who ended up being traded.

The second half of the season in Lakers was not much better. He played as a substitute in all but one of the games, and although he improved his numbers slightly, he continued to throw very badly and ended up playing only 17 games before getting injured again, this time from the hip and for more time.

In the Angelina revolution of this season there was no room for the base, which set course for Denver signing for the minimum of veteran even though he was then 29 years old (just turned 30). However, the predictions of his return were delayed and the basketball player could not return to the track until last February 13, when he made his debut in the victory against Sacramento (8 points).

Thomas debuted in a competed squad that had worked very well without him. The Nuggets had occupied the first place in the Western Conference for a good part of the season and now they are in the second. Attaching a template that is starting to reap its rewards after a few years of drifting and that was working very well without a player who has had a reputation for being problematic and who played a lot on the court was not going to be easy, and Mike Malone knew it.

And it seems that, unlike the hip injury, this time the predictions have been fulfilled and the problems have not been long in coming. As reported by Nick Kosmider, a journalist who covers the Nuggets, the technician of the team would have had a talk with the ex-Celtics in which he would have decided to separate him from the rotation.

Although the content of the talk is unknown, it will remain in private, Malone has declared that the decision has not been simple but that is what he has to do in his position, and it seems that at the moment the team will remain in this way, which is on the other hand as has been most of of the regular season.

A a month of the playoffs, this decision could be due to the adaptation of Thomas on or off the track, and is to see if it ends up counting on him for a final phase that promises to be interesting. In the only 9 match he has played this year (none of the starter), the base was at 8.6 points per game with less than 16 minutes played on average.

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