The best Marc in Toronto and the Raptors defeat the Lakers

Good game of the center with Ibaka serving sanction and finally comfortable triumph of the Raptors against the Lakers: 29 + 4 + 6 LeBron James.

After taking a beating in Cleveland and grabbing headlines for the Serge Ibaka fight, the Raptors had three days to air a little mind before receiving a Lakers who are a little better in recent games but those who do not It gives to scare too much on the courts of the best teams in the NBA. And the Raptors are, now in 49-20, a triumph of reaching 50 for the fourth season in a row, something the Angelenos have not done since 2011. Without Ibaka, who began to serve a penalty (three games), and without a Kyle Lowry who rested due to problems in an ankle, the Raptors won (111-98) and continue to three games of the Bucks in a fight for an Eastern leadership increasingly decanted: the Canadians have only thirteen left to play .

For the Lakers it's a 31-37, with the feeling that never ends a season that in summer seemed never to start. Everything has gone wrong, and at least in this tour of the East have regained competitiveness, if anything, but with all its circumstances: LeBron is still restricted in minutes (this time 32 with 29 points and 6 assists) and stayed in the bench in the final stretch of the second quarter, when the Raptors converted a 51-52 to a 65-54. With a mix of players who try (Caruso) and others who do not (Rondo), with many problems inside after giving Zubac to get a Muscala that contributes nothing, without aim (7/31 in triples, 9 less scored that the Raptors), with 20 losses and Hart's knee problems very visible to the point that it is not understood to continue playing in a season in which they do not Ingram and Lonzo, the Lakers of the last matches At least they compete. In the midst of the shipwreck and between more or less scandalous and practically daily headlines in the press. If the definition of annus horribilis is sought, it is this.

The Raptors won with intensity and professionalism, without two starters but with Kawhi Leonard (25 + 8 + 4) and Siakam (16 + 5 + 6) leading the charge, well accompanied by an excellent Powell (20 points) and a Marc Gasol (starter: Ibaka was not there) who played some of his best games since coming to the Raptors: 15 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and a lot of involvement in the attack from the start . A version of Spanish close to what Canada will want to see in the playoffs. That's where the Raptors are and in that, for a long time, there are not the Lakers of a LeBron that used to be a terror unleashed every time he put his foot in Toronto with the shirt of the Cavs. Right now, very distant times ...

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