The Atleti continues to mourn

After the elimination in Champions, Athletic has defeated him with goals by Williams and Kodro. Barça will be 10 points away if they beat Betis.

A skinny dog all are fleas. Turin has filled the blackboard with Cholo on Monday. Nothing comes out. And neither the wind pushes in favor. It's hard to see his Atleti with nothing in his hands in March. Four days after the Champions left, LaLiga also. With two slashes from Athletic. He only has to play for dignity and pride. The rest is a desert, nothingness. The Atleti said goodbye to everything in seven days. From now until August, Monday will be every day. Today the Barça could go to ten.

Mató Athletic as it does the Atleti: exploiting two errors of the rival. He asked for three penalties from Cholo's team, that's . The clearest this one, when it appeared the rest and the marker continued 0-0. Taconazo de Rodrigo, ball in depth of Thomas and Griezmann, like so many other times in San Mamés, ideal place to forget injuries. That pushed his legs. But the play did not end like other times. Yeray knocks him down, the Frenchman falls with both knees in front. The referee does not consider it a penalty, although it seems that the VAR is silent. Rest comes and Griezmann limps away. Esa had been the first time that the Cholo had managed to break the Basque wall. He went to rest like in Turin: without a shot on goal in the boots. 45 minutes later, San Mamés was salt in the wound. How it stirs.

Y winning in San Mamés was essential not to decompose. Simeone came out brave, with trident, with Costa, Grizi and Morata. Before an orderly Athletic that waves like a banner that photo of the old Atleti del Cholo: Raúl García, he still has the profile of Coloso de Goya. Intense both jumped, but no play in the areas. El Athletic seemed to dominate but not. The Atleti seemed to leave but neither. With Costa, he gave .

Turín was also there. In nerves, in unforced errors. In the pass, driving. It happened to Grizi, to Thomas, to Giménez in that cession that almost commits Oblak in a Williams counter. Uy San Mamés expired. Reaching the area for each team was a world. Yuri tried to dig Juanfran's back to reach Oblak's. Ibai was about to knock down his door, with a zapatazo for the Slovenian parachute.

Ay. Now the expiration could be heard in the bank of Cholo. Because Grizi was, without injury. Simeone put it on the tip of a diamond, tactical change with which Atleti returned to the game; Anchor Rodri, Thomas and Koke of interiors. The Atleti was another, a few minutes. Dusting tricks, such as Catapulta Gámez but in the arms of Giménez. Nothing. They ran Costa and Morata with Grizi behind. Neither. Ni center of the field, nor the solidity back of yesteryear; few balls hung, all the races of Saul in vain. And that Athletic had become small at Pepita Thumbelina. But Herrerín kept his gloves intact.

And the Atleti was adding more protests than occasions. Because Morata fell by trip of San Jose and it was not penalized or corrected the VAR. Because Costa asked for a hand in the area and neither. Garitano read the problem of Cholo, who had lost the center of the field. Muniain left, entered Córdoba ... Voilà. Two minutes later Giménez was in a mess, Córdoba was biting and Williams was beating Oblak. Garitano repeated trick. Kodro entered and the minute he celebrated the goal, puntilla, after giving the ball in Giménez, while Atleti fell to his knees. The numbers that both these years revealed (seven titles, one league, reach so much) also hid at times. Gaps, bad games, everything under the carpet of the photos of the records that shine in the room ... This may only add dust. Two words weigh. Categorical, they raise the carpet of blow .


What difficult to read in March. And strange, how strange, with the Cholo.

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