Susto for Svitolina: "Arriba las manos" at gunpoint

The Ukrainian Elina Svitolina, who fell in the semifinals of the Masters 1,000 of Indian Wells, took a huge scare at the hotel by a mistake of the police.

Elina Svitolina, number 6 in the world, fell in the semifinals of the Masters 1000 of Indian Wells before the canadiese Bianca Andreescu, one of the sensations of the tournament, which already eliminated Muguruza, and that with an 'invitation' for the tournament has been planted in the final. However, that was not the worst moment for the Ukrainian. Four police officers broke into the door of his California hotel at gunpoint in a moment of extreme tension and asked the tennis player to raise their hands.

The US security forces received a false alarm for a shooting in that hotel, went to the place with the chance that they found Svitolina's room. "Our faces when 4 policemen break into our hotel room and point guns at us and shout hands up," the Ukrainian woman said on social networks, already with the last shock.

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