Schumacher enters the scene

The young Mick makes his debut in Bahrain as a F2 driver and will climb next week to the Ferrari and Alfa Romeo F1 cars. "I would not be who I am if it were not for my father."

As there is no way to clone a heptacampeón, probably this is the only way to check if the talent behind the wheel also travels in the genes. Because there have been sagas, illustrious surnames back to Formula 1, but none have generated in the story as much excitement as the presence of Mick Schumacher under the shelter of Ferrari. Because he is the son of the most successful driver in the history of this sport , because it seems manufactured in his image and likeness, because his steps have been taken care of with all the possible care while watching Sabine Kehm, manager of Michael. And because Maranello wanted to tie him up and give him his first test with an F1 next Tuesday (on Wednesday he will drive the Sauber), two days after debuting in the F2 in Sakhir.

He appears before the written press displaced to the circuit in an organized meeting by Kehm. When he arrives he distributes water among the assistants and smiles in front of the tumult. No more people can fit around a humble table in the back of Prema's box, his team. "Better that the photographers take a side, there are already enough photos and too many people," Kehm invites. And the most ambitious champion project of recent times begins to speak: "The test with Ferrari? Formula 2. One hundred percent" .

Evita focus on his next premiere with the Ferrari, although some detail escapes him: "It's complicated, because I do not think about that yet, the first objective is to do a good first race of Formula 2. Of course there will be emotions afterwards, but I'm also very happy to get to this championship." He confesses, with a smile and without naming him, that it was Mattia Binotto who confirmed the test, and recognizes that he gave his mother a joy: "Obviously he was very happy" .

There has been a preparation work behind in recent weeks , as he explains to As: "There is an important list of things that you have to do to be prepared . I have done it, also a lot of simulator first, with Prema, and a physical training because the heat in this circuit is a factor that there is to keep in mind, and that makes it more complicated, but I feel 100 percent ready to start this season. " And do not you have a lot of workload with a weekend of F2 and another two days of F1 testing? "I'm completely confident."

Cutting response, he laughs when he does. With just 20 years of age, he measures each one of his affirmations. And he talks openly about his father and about the importance of having the most important name in motorsport: "He's part of me." "I'm my father's son and I'm happy to be one." 222222 He has done the best he has ever done in Formula 1 and is something I admire, I am happy to have him as a father, I have had time to grow up and get used to this fact, there have always been many people around me to help me, I would not be the person I am if it were not for my father. "

The F2 , launch pad

The last F2 champions are on the F1 grid: Leclerc and Russell. Gasly, Vandoorne or Palmer won the GP2 in previous years, so since 2014 all those who won the support race came to Formula 1, giving rise to the penultimate world category of the cars. This season there are 20 pilots with an average age of 21.6 years. They aspire to the title Deletraz, De Vries, Sette Camara, Ilot or Schumacher, among others. There are no Spaniards on the grid, where the Colombian Tatiana Calderón, 26, in the BWT Arden team. There will be 12 weekends next to F1 with 24 races and a final in Abu Dhabi.

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