Rubi: "It was not difficult to take off the head and we want to take advantage of it"

The blue and white coach mistrusts a Sevilla at low hours: "You do not have to trust much, they have a large squad, many resources and they are a great team".

-Seville arrives in a galloping crisis ...

-Do not trust, much less. They have a large staff, many resources and are a great team. Outside the home is costing them a lot but they will try to change the dynamics

-Ganar would be a blow on the table?

-It will be an exciting day and if we win we will get closer to the teams above. We would endorse the six weeks without losing

-Do you know with what system the Sevilla will come out?

-No. We have looked a little at what Caparrós does. What we have clear is that we will try to react quickly once we see the alignment. The important thing is that you see a complete Espanyol that imposes its game idea.

-Is Sevilla an ideal opponent to add three points?

-What's up. Sevilla will never be an ideal rival. A team that has been in the Europa League, which is in the top six and has many players that we would like here, can not be an ideal rival. I do not want to be fooled by his career.

-Since the arrival of Wu Lei have not lost. Coincidence or impact of the Chinese player?

-More a coincidence than an impact although Wu lei has helped us. But at the same level as his teammates.

-How do you see the change of coach?

-A level of preparation makes us atypical, but it will be the third week that happens. Of ten trainer changes, three have been released before us. I want to focus on our idea, our football, the team is the Espanyol good afternoon. If we are at our level does not matter so much Sevilla.

-Will physical fatigue affect them?

I do not believe. They are teams accustomed to playing three games per week. They have resources

-Is it a great incentive to continue with the streak?

-We are very excited because we know what it would mean to get a good result tomorrow. It can allow us to come upstairs. It has cost us a lot and we want to take advantage of it. The match comes at a good time.

-What do you think of the dismissal of Machín?

-The first to fall is always the coach, that's how it is. We are weak I encourage Pablo and his technical staff. I have always been an advocate for the continuity of coaches. If the wardrobe keeps the confidence, I would never change my coach.

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