Questions in Red Bull Honda

His car is just as fast as it was at the beginning of 2018 with the new engine, but it ended that season closer to Mercedes. "The work is interesting," says Horner.

Red Bull changed his engine and a year later is in the same tenth, 1: 23.4 in the 2, Free taking into account the change of aerodynamic rules that should make the cars somewhat slower. The Honda engine has passed its first test of fire with the energy team, the preseason, and on the track, with soft tires and in batches similar to the classification that will be seen this Saturday, it has finished eight tenths of Mercedes, the same distance that in the Q1 of Australia 2018. That has two readings: that el the new propeller has not cut benefits to the good chassis of Milton Keynes (beyond a small scare in the car of Gasly), but also that they have given a small step back, because last year they finished less than half a second behind Mercedes at the end of the season.

"Winter has been promising It is interesting to work with Honda, a very collaborative environment. we will see it here in Melbourne because it is difficult to read in the preseason.The reliability has been strong, I hope we will find a season in which we are competitive, but This classification will not see where we really are, "says Christian Horner, boss of the escudería.

With him are his two pilots Verstappen and Gasly, expectant to what can offer Honda throughout the season. It is assumed that they have advanced their evolution for China to Albert Park and the engine has fulfilled in power and top speed. It's a competitive unit, which does not make the chassis worse, but they still have to show if it improves on what they already had in Renault. Because the Enstone team, apparently in the Free 2, has approached, at least a lap, the energy cars. More worrisome is the race pace of Hulkenberg and Ricciardo.

In another of the fronts of Red Bull, the adaptation of Gasly, Horner expects the French to adjust fully in the coming months after a test with two accidents: "It is Another product of the Red Bull youth program, such as Vettel, Verstappen, Ricciardo or Sainz, we have invested in it and it is in the seat because what it has shown is promising, obviously it has to adapt, it needs a little time to get used to the speed but it is fast and we have high expectations for him in the future ".

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