Portu reigns in the defensive misgovernment of Leganés

The Girona forward made a double and attacked Butarque, who fell to his black beast six months later.

Leganes was exhausted the epic. Butarque had become accustomed to the throbbing of the recurring feats between illustrious. Barca, Valencia, Atleti or Eibar had already tried here the distaste of caressing the victory to finish defeated or tied. The Girona repeated pattern, but this time the formula was worth more by local inaction, than by own success. In the worst game of the course, the Lega stopped his streak of eleven games in a row without falling to his parish. In total, 181 days of gestation fulminated by his worst black beast, a Girona who has never won, nor marked in First. At least those of Pellegrino maintain their distance of eight points on the descent. The Girona is already nine thanks to the double of Portu.

In the beginning did not send the Catalans, reino the laziness of a Leganés ballasted in his overconfidence. The stumbles of Celta and Huesca were muscle relaxant for those of Pellegrino. As if the enemy errors had resolved the ballot before seeing the ball roll. Thus came the mismanagement of apathy, drug that evaded the Lega in a perpetual lethargy before which Girona only had to let go.

In two long balls found the goal. Helped the coven defensive was the triad of white and blue central, with Portu zigzagging among them as an adult among children. In the 0-1 only had to throw a diagonal. The 0-2 was more pornographic. Bono undressed at the back with a kick that Stuani combed and Valery converted into a goal for the double of 9. Muniesa (Paradón de Cuellar) and Stuani (stringer) could agigantar a marker that Nyom cut, but canceled the line. The VAR ratified the decision without the TV clearly showing the offside. The offensive revolution of Flaco after the rest of nothing was worth to a team without soul that in the end was lost among the protests by the regular arbitration. He played the dry Lega of ambition and famished epic.

Eusebio: "We have adapted well to Leganés"

El Girona has won where they have not achieved many.

It was an important game for us. We knew about the complications before an opponent that makes the match very complicated for all his enemies. We wanted to deactivate them with the ball. We also wanted to be good in the disputes. We also had sequences of passes that deactivated them in their push. We have done well in the first part. Maybe we have failed to defend more in our field and increase the income. In any case, we have been concentrated and we have done well to keep the score.

Is it the party that has planned the most?

There are three important points against a direct rival that allows us to catch air. It takes us further away from the well. We follow what is ours. We are close to our number, which we want to save ourselves. We continue with humility. Today was a game that also, for our casualties and how Leganés plays, we had to be prepared. We have adapted to contain them. Today things went well because the spirit of the team has been very good.

Everything started at the Bernabéu ...

The points we have achieved since then have been very important. We arrived in dynamic wing. But we have prepared ourselves for this moment to come. We knew we did things well, but we needed something else. We have found the point where we feel good. Pity of the game of the other day against Valencia. It is necessary to follow in this line.

También has known how to react with the blackboard.

Today we have maintained in the second part more a 4-1-4-1. We wanted to have someone close to the central ones in the helps. Muniesa has been a bit the one who has done that in the game. We knew of the changes of systems that the Leganés proposes.

Has it been your brave eleven?

Sobre watching everything proposed by the Leganés, which proposes defense of five with two lanes, I thought that with Valery end could help us extreme with Porro on the right side. For this five line system it has helped us and today we have adapted to the rival system. They have good technique and concentration.

The difference has been the forwards?

I think that in the first part we had control. We have limited your attack. We have limited having us near our area. It has allowed us to master the game until with its change of proposal, it has encouraged us to go backwards. The panorama has changed somewhat, but with our changes we have also stopped the chaos that they provoke in the rivals when they wave the game.

Portu is improving.444444

He went through a difficult moment with what he suffered in the preseason. He had to focus again and start from scratch in his perspectives. But the good thing is that he always has a very positive mentality. I always looked for the goal, but I was nervous. Now he has serenity and that gives him more effectiveness. It is in a great moment. Everything we knew about Portu is returning.

How have you seen Stuani?

In your line. It is so mature, competitive, intelligent ... for us it is very important. Has been ready on the play of 0-2, also in the 0-1. Everything he does, he does it with sense, intelligence ... He always puts a point of intensity that spreads to the team. Sometimes it gives us more than that, goals. Today he has given us assists, which are also key.

He is good at Madrid ...

We do not look much where we win. We work to win. In Madrid that chance happens. We still have two trips left. We only think about adding the points that allow us to reach the objective.

What did you think of the arbitration?

It was not easy. There have been many disputes. It has been rough game. With a lot of divided balls. We respect your work. We must support them all.

Why has not Bernardo played?

Not played, but it is important for us. It always has good performance. There I have good players. You have to choose every week.

Pellegrino: "It has been a bad match from start to finish"

Is it the most disappointing match?

Explain feelings do not matter much. It matters the analysis that we do. It has been a bad game from start to finish. We have made unusual mistakes. Nothing has come out. On a mental, technical and tactical level. The rival took advantage of it. There is not much more to comment.

How do you rate Reyes' match? Why did he change it?

The game has been bad for the team. I took it out to put someone in a band and someone in the midfield. Anybody could have left. I just had to leave one.

How did you see the locker room after the defeat?

You're disappointed with the result. Sometimes there are hard moments that can serve to advance in the 10 remaining games. We are Leganés, we have many limitations and shortcomings. Our club has always had trouble adding. The points have always been based on a great job. We do not change this to know what we need. Today we have lowered the piston. That has cost us a lot. I do not remember this face of the team from the beginning, especially in errors of the beginning. We have not had the strength to revert to a good rival.

Better forget the game?

It is a symptom that has not been repeated other times. Disease is when you have a repeated symptom. I had never seen this. I do not know if it's because the FIFA date came, if it's because we have six internationals ... we worked well the week. I saw good intensity. Nothing has come out from beginning to end.

How have you seen the arbitration?

What I think little will change. I can talk about the things that I have control over. I always want the best to come out. Put the focus on that ... all the peppers do not do us well. You have to chew the quarrel that gives us losing games or some decisions, but we all have to push to not make mistakes. We must put the energy in the things we can control.

Was there a plan to stop Portu and Stuani?

There is nothing that my players do not know about them, because they are the most relevant Girona in attack. A good pass came from a bad pass at 0-1. Then there was a failure in the 0-2 mark. They are two plays that have marked the future of the game. One thing is what one can plan and another the execution.

In a moment a lot of players have joined in attack without efficiency ...

Yes, there were offensive players and in their position. Yes it is true that some chaos came out in a moment, but En Nesyri has played many times on the left. Like Óscar, El Zhar, Kravets ... what we did was that we were separated. The team was very long. For the moment we have lost our nerves. In the rush. We lost concentration in some moments.

What did you say at rest?

That had to turn the page. When you're hot, it's not a time to talk a lot, but to calm down. Perhaps the best thing is that we are in a good position. We all know what to do to not give this image. One can tie or lose, worse we have been the distaste of not seeing the best Leganés.

The following is a derby. Perhaps the break is good ...

We hope so. I would like itplay fast and not be so long with this feeling. Hopefully we can work in the best way. We will play a friendly next week. You have to be calm to keep pushing. We are still in a privileged situation.

Is not it a problem that the staff is thinking more about the break?

Never said that the work is finished. The boys know what they have to give. At the mental level, when one has a break for selections, maybe you think more about the trip. It is a trial-error situation that has to coexist. The big ones are used to it. It is something that we must learn.

Perhaps there was relaxation by the results of Huesca and Celta?

The important thing is before the game is to look at ourselves. That is the triumph of giving everything you have without thinking about other parties. The table and the rivals only look at each other when two-three games are missing. Now it makes no sense.

Where was overexcitement in the protest to the referee?

At some point they were anxious. We have been warned by eight players, who have been crazy. Many were justified by an unusual nervousness at home.

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