Paul George, the silent candidate in search of the MVP

The forward of the Thunder is signing his best season in the NBA. His commitment to work and lack of ego are key to the performance of Westbrook and the team.

It is impossible not to remember the name of Paul George when thinking about the great candidates for the MVP. It is certain that the alarming figures of Harden and the season of Antetokounmpo will be two heavy slabs in the hard road of the Thunder player. the scepter for the best player of the season. At 28, he faces his second season in Oklahoma. And it is true that the 'City of Thunder' was not the fate that imagined when leaving the Pacers.

His hometown, Palmdale, is about an hour's drive north of Los Angeles. A quiet place that barely reaches 150,000 inhabitants, and from which never had any player of the NBA. He wanted to be a pioneer in his land and a great part of his parents have their fault. Paul George Sr. worked in a tire store and as a carpenter to be able to offer a future to his son Paul and his two older sisters. That mentality was one of the great gifts that his father has given him as an inheritance. "My father spent a lot of time at work so that I could become a star and I could achieve it, That's where my motivation comes from. I want to do it for them, I want to make life easier for them," George acknowledged in an interview with Master Tesla of Bleacher Report.

Ese of overcoming work-based, coupled with their lack of ego, makes George is the player that is today. Two essential pillars for the Thunder to work perfectly, it came to Oklahoma without the need to monopolize the prominence that Westbrook has, and that has made his union with the base perfect. A union that did not pay off in their first playoffs together and that served as a new motivation for the Californian forward, who wants to fight again for the maximum in the playoffs: "That's what made this decision easier. I did not give everything I had . "

Until now he's the best robber in the league (146) and the second player with the most offensive efficiency and most points scored (1,836) after Harden (2,307). He is also second on the list in defensive victory actions after Antetokounmpo. The level of the rest of the staff with him on track is being spectacular and at this is given by coaches like the Bucks, Mike Budenholzer: "I think the commitment that is required of you physically and mentally to be really dominant at both ends It's very difficult to play on the court in our league, he's been gifted with those skills and he's showing them every night. It's weird you have a guy who has that physical talent and he does it . "

With the playoffs just around the corner , George keeps his mind focused on it and on his team in which, he recognizes, he does not regret being. There he arrived with doubts after not fulfilling his desire to land at Lakers but Oklahoma ended up captivating him: "I really felt that I chose the place where I can succeed, take it to the next level and be the best player it can be." The reality is that in its two years as Thunder has not missed, nor will miss, the postseason A reality that could have lived differently in Los Angeles, where convulsed times continue to live ...

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