Nadal-Federer: chapter 39

It's been 17 months since Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer do not measure up on a tennis court. It was in the final of Shanghai in 2017. That year, the big four were distributed.

Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer have not been measured on a tennis court for 17 months. It was in the final of Shanghai in 2017, the year in which both were resurrected from the darkness to play the first Grand Slam title of the season and to bid again for the number one. That course was shared by the big four: Australia and Wimbledon, for Federer, and Roland Garros and US Open, for Nadal. But of the four times they met, three in finals, the four victories were for the Swiss, always on the surface hard. Even so, the face to face is clearly in favor of Rafa, who dominates the Swiss by 23-15.

No is the most disputed duel in history, there takes the trophy Nadal-Djokovic, but it is the party that has most made the fans vibrate: his majesty Federer against the irreverent Nadal. The following year, the panorama changed for both. After his triumph in Australia, Federer began to choke the long games. Age limits. Nadal, meanwhile, suffered a calvary in that 2018: he could only play nine tournaments, with two withdrawals, which showed great effectiveness because he won five, including his Roland Garros.

If we add all the time he has been low in its 16 active seasons, Rafa has been unemployed for more than three years. That phantom of the injuries reappeared yesterday at Indian Wells 2019. The physical loss did not prevent him from knocking down the rocky Khachanov, in some moments' on the lame leg ', so today we will have a new Nadal-Federer in the semifinals, chapter 39. There was already a desire, a lot of desire. But that battered knee has cooled our spirits.

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