Marcelino: "We deserved to pass"

The Valencia coach praised Guedes' match: "If it is the biggest investment and bet in the history of Valencia, it is for it to be decisive as it is today".

It happened but playing as today the team will be closer to falling than passing in the next round.

I think the rival started stronger, but after 15 minutes we controlled the game. I think it was ours, I do not remember any chance for a goal from the opponent. We had several clear. I think that in the overall score of the tie we deserved to pass. The opponent scored a goal that put him in the tie by the double value of the goals and tied in a great play of the team. Soccer is to take advantage of opportunities and today we could stay out. But today away from home with a rival so strong in attack and you do not generate chances I think we have done enough to win and pass the tie.

What is the least liked of the game?

The start of the game . We were not well and the rival is normal that playing at home shocks you. There we suffered, we got a goal canceled by previous hand. But then I do not either more occasions. The important thing is the work and performance that the team has shown and that has been competitive during the 90 minutes and that in the overall balance of the tie was worthy of passing.

What is important to recover Guedes?

If it is the greater investment and commitment of the history of Valencia is to be resolutive as today. He has had some irregular months and playing diminished from the physical point of view and now it is very good for him to have scored this goal and also the team.

The priority is the League, but they are four games away from a European final ...

Follow being the same. We have a very important game against Getafe in less than 48 hours and now have a very long trip. We had the illusion of being in the hype tomorrow. A great club like Valencia always has the illusion of playing these games. And for the locker room it is very important to recover the history of the club. We are, along with Barcelona, in the absence of Villarreal and Sevilla, the only ones who chose to go far in Europe.

Casuality that everything at the end?

The Girona scored goal in 85. Before we were winning. Today same and before we were classified. In Leganés also and before we were winning. We have gotten in the last minutes but also fit. The day of Getafe for example we did not expect to score two goals at the end. Although we knew that if we put one we put the other one. I think that so far in competition, if we make a lump sum, we are clearly inferior in terms of bad luck. A team that ties 15 times deserving to win most of those matches is that it has not had much luck in specific moments. Let's see if tomorrow we have luck in the bombo.

¿Algún rival to avoid?

I believe that in the minds of all are the rivals that we would like to avoid. But, what guarantees us that a rival in theory touches to us less hard and to be able to happen? What comes, will come for it. We have competed against two great teams that are both in the quarterfinals, eliminating PSG and Atlético de Madrid. It seemed a failure not to pass, but good now we are here and we want to continue.

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