Marc Márquez: "I'm the driver who has the most rhythm"

His eighth final position on the first day generated some doubts, but the Honda rider played down the importance and said that the strategy of working for the race on Fridays is risky.

A Marc Márquez did not worry in the least his eighth place in the combined times at the end of the first day of testing of the GP of Argentina MotoGP, because he knows that it is the "more pace" has.

-Balance of the first day?

-The rhythm of the moment, in the papers, you have to see reality and you can not hide. If we had the race now, a priori I am the one with the best pace on the papers, but we are still on Friday. Tomorrow it is foreseeable that the conditions of the track will continue to improve and surely, when improving the grip, everything will be more compact. It is not new that when there is not much grip and the asphalt skates is one of my strengths and when I adapt better. Already this morning the distance was great and this afternoon has been smaller, and so it will keep reducing and that is why we have to maintain that mentality, because FP2 has come out very good pace, especially in the second round and that is what I will stay.

-Are you going to adopt the whole 2018 tactics for Friday, which is to work towards the race?

-It will depend on the circuit, but it is true that the ideal strategy is that of 2018 for Fridays since you work for the race. You forget the fast time, the poles and you just work for the race, thinking about Sunday, but it is true that there are circuits like the one in Qatar where you suffer a little more and there you have to put a tire since you see that you do not pass the cut or because you see that the forecast is unstable. We have taken that risk and it is true that in the end something has gone right, because we thought it would go a little better since we thought we would be fifth or sixth, but people here with a new tire are able to go very fast.

-¿Sus Rivals place you as the strongest despite finishing eighth? Would you like to have them more deceived?

-No! I said, I have not lied. If you take the roles, I am the one with the most rhythm and the one who a priori is stronger for the race, but we are on Friday and I would like to be like that after the warm up and the fact is that they are getting closer and closer. Dovizioso is there and we must remember that last year it was difficult, but this year he is shooting fast and we will see. The important thing is that in Malaysia we went well in the tests, in Qatar suffering but well and here we are being fast which is what it is necessary to happen throughout the season.

-What is the reason for the meager differences of 21 drivers in the same second?

-It's a short circuit, this means that the times are very even, at par and, especially since making a quick lap here is not as difficult as in Qatar, because there is a line. You have to follow the line because there is no grip outside, the corners are slower and that means that at one turn there are many riders capable of going fast, but at the pace of the race you can mark the difference more.

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