Madrid withdrew two banners against Florentino Pérez

The fans pointed this way to the president during Real Madrid-Celta and club employees made them disappear and threw their carriers.

The figure of Florentino Pérez focused attention on the first half of Real Madrid-Celta. The president of the white club was marked with banners that employees of the club were responsible for removing from the stands of the Bernabéu.

There were at least two protests in the form of a banner. In one of them you could read "Florentino, go now" and in the other, "Florentino, guilty" . They did not last long because they were immediately seized by Madrid security men in the stadium.

A Madrid partner As witnessed what happened in the stadium, what happened to As: "They have taken out banners saying that Florentino was the culprit and asking him to resign, security has arrived and he is throwing them off, removing the placards and throwing them out of the stadium" .

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