'Pechito' López: "Toyota lets us fight and Sebring will be tense"

The pilot of Geox Dragon in Formula E travels to Sebring to return to the battle for the WEC with the TS050 dorsal 7 against Alonso and the number 8.

He's a kind, nice, close guy. Easy to treat. 'Pechito 'López, three times champion of the world of touring cars, enrolled in the GEOX Dragon team of Formula E and one of the six chosen by Toyota to fight for the World Resistance was dissatisfied with his fate in the ePrix of Hong Kong. "When it comes twisted there is no way to straighten it in. The car worked well, but after the touch received as soon as it was out the scoring options were almost ruined in a circuit where it is very difficult to overtake. safety car Many times when one does not come out, none comes out, we have to keep our arms up, fighting and expecting things to improve ", assured As.

As the 35-year-old Argentinian wanted to turn the page and the this week's interest in motor racing will combine the premiere of the F1 World Championship in Australia with the super weekend of Sebring, with WEC and the 12 Hours of Resistance of the IMSA, touched asking about the fratricidal duel of Toyota. And the natural pilot of Rio Tercero recognized that he receives it with desire, in spite of having to fly to Florida from China. "Now I'm going to a championship where things do come out or at least have come out so far." In the tests this weekend, Toyota has shown that it's going very fast, I'm looking forward to reaching and pressing the reset button, I'm looking forward to that things go well because I think we deserve it after all we have worked with the car, "explains the member of the triple who pilots the TS050 Hybrid number 7 with Kamui Kobayashi and Mike Conway.

" I will arrive tired, Like Buemi with the one who travels, "he says, referring to the Swiss who teaches in the dorsal 'brother' car 8 with Fernando Alonso and Kazuki Nakajima in the same position as him. There is good vibes in the powerful Japanese structure that dominates the WEC with an iron hand, but good vibes diminish as the war for the title approaches. For example, it is noted by pointing out that Alonso has never raced on that track: "A couple of weeks ago we did some tests, but if at Fernando's level the driver does not get things out next weekend it will not be because he did not know the circuit ".

López dodges possible excuses to indicate that they are accustomed to" adapt quickly "and have a help weapon:" We have the comparison and the data of the six Toyota drivers ". The message has hardened from the previous quotes and 'Pechito' does not hesitate to acknowledge it: "Between the two pilots we have a good relationship, but it's going to be tense because the championship is already being defined and only five points separate us. three races ahead. Toyota is going to let us fight and we have to try to do our best but surely the title will not be defined until Le Mans ".

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