Kobe asks Messi the triplet for Barça: "Buona fortuna"

"I talked to Piqué about the little rest that the players have, it's very difficult to hold this level every year," said the former Lakers.

Kobe Bryant has a good relationship with some of the stars of Barcelona and a although his childhood team is Milan has shown his sympathy for the azulgrana club. The former star of the Lakers closely follows the current situation of the Catalans and, once qualified for the quarterfinals of the Champions League, see the Barca team in a position to make the triplet.

He would sign it. "It will be very difficult, last summer I spoke with Piqué and we debated a bit about the resting time that the players have, the basketball player has more time to rest in summer, in football you have a week, two weeks. to hold this level every year, it's very difficult But how does Barça play, how do they play together, I think it's a possibility real ". While he was saying it, Kobe crossed his fingers sending him in Italian "buona fortuna al argentino" .

On occasion Kobe has told how he learned about Messi's existence. In a meeting with Ronaldinho, the Brazilian presented the Argentine as "future best player in the world" . Kobe, who has also made an announcement with Barca's 10, has since followed his footsteps very closely.

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