King Seville seeks his metamorphosis in Prague

Those of Pablo Machín must improve their version at home (9:00 pm, Mov LC). The technician will make specific retouching for each line.

The Rey of the Europa League is in trouble. Five titles and 18 eliminatory of the second continental competition without kneeling look at a cornered Sevilla, then visit Slavia in Prague with a 2-2 first leg hanging on his head ( follows the match live on The rival would not paint so fierce if it were not because the blanquirrojos, reliable almost always in Nervión, have lastrado his campaign in Liga and Copa with a series of ridiculous results jos of his stadium. In the city of Kafka will require a metamorphosis as a visitor.

The hand to the Royal Society (5-2) calmed the spirits and possibly maintained Pablo Machín in his position. The soriano pull an eleven similar to the one submitted Donostiarras, with some touch-up in each line. It could enter Vaclik in goal, Kjaer points to the center of defense and maybe André Silva regains its place in attack. The Slavia looks euphoric, for the two goals he achieved last Thursday and because in his League remains intractable. 4-0 thrashed Banik on Sunday to increase their lead as a leader. It is a team with ritmo combinativo and velocity above, and that 22222 only has lost once this season, and occurred in August.

The Chinese company Sinoboacquisió in November 2018 el stadium and put his name, although in Europe it is still called Eden Arena. What tonight will be more hell than paradise for Sevilla, because papel sold out days ago already. Color in another European match more but never the same for the Nervión team. El Rey, in the Bohemia, to enlarge its continental legend.

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