Jokic frustrates Doncic's titanic effort on the horn

Tired and without aim, Doncic pulled the Mavs and could win the game with a tremendous mate. The Mavs, twelve defeats already in thirteen games.

In his last two games, Luka Doncic has signed a 15/41 in shots with 2/15 in triples and 4/16 in free throws. You are playing with discomfort in one knee and he is playing tired: his team has accumulated 68 games (21-47) and the rookie wall flies over him, that moment in which many rookies run out of legs, still not accustomed to the crush that they suppose a regular season, the endless succession of trips and parties in which, in addition, sometimes, to the equipment (always from the dispatches, not in the track) it suits them to lose. At some point an aspiring to sneak into the playoffs (with a quintet of which only Doncic remains), the Mavericks are now the second worst team in the West and the sixth worst in the NBA. They have lost seven straight games, twelve of the last thirteen and thirteen of the last fifteen. You know: if your first-round choice is top 5, you keep it. From six onwards, he will go to the Hawks, the gift (can be succulent) with which they sweetened the exchange Luka Doncic (averaging 20.9 points, 7.4 rebounds and 5.6 assists) -Trae Young (18.3 + 3.5 + 7.8) .

In Denver, the Mavericks were playing against the second best team in the West (now 45-22, again to a win by the Warriors), against the altitude of Mile High, at the foot of the Rockies, which endorses the Nuggets court factor and against the snowstorms that closed the Denver airport and turned a theoretically comfortable journey into an odyssey. And yet, and partly because the Nuggets start to look like a short team of gasoline (came after four defeats in six games), despite the tanking that prefers Cuban and skipping the terrible dynamic that is taking the team ahead, the Mavs had the victory in his hand against an unrecognizable opponent in attack: +6 at rest, advantages of ten points in the third quarter and 79- 91 at the start of the last one. But is that the Nuggets took that final part with a pírrico 21-10. Asphyxiated some Mavs that added in that stretch four baskets in play ... the four of Doncic. The other was two free throws by Powell. They scored six points in the last 8:13 and that fit to top a basket over the horn, a hook over Powell, Nikola Jokic, to take away from Denver a painful defeat (100-99) that Doncic received with an upset gesture , on the bench in the last defense (next to Porzingis) and with the face of who, of course, did not reach the NBA accustomed to losing so much.

For that reason and because, without success in the shot (1/8 in triples), Doncic had left the soul so that the Mavs did not lose. He finished with 24 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists, which could have been more if his teammates had not sent so many of their passes doubled from the area to limbo. He loaded with the equipment, between errors, and without confidence in the triple one looked for the life as it could: it wrote down a canasta dancing in the painting for the 95-97 and confirmed a tremendous mate with six seconds left for the 98-99. It was a 2 + 1 option for lack of Millsap, but missed the free kick and left the marker in the dangerous odd swing to the one that gave the last push a Jokic that seemed tiring but who scored 9 of his 11 points (11 + 14 + 8) in the last room. Including the basket of the triumph that stole the photo of the party to the rabid Doncic mate, which ended up fused and absolutely frustrated. All this is also the NBA.

Now the Mavs will play at home against the Cavaliers, the perfect opportunity to get rid of the bad body ... or fall definitively into depression. The Nuggets are not the team of the first half of season and in the next month we will know if it is a simple valley in the face of the playoffs or if they are going to be presented in the very fair elimination of fuel. Yes: that's how the NBA seasons are ...

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