Izaskun Ruiz: "DAZN allows you to decide what to see, when and where"

Izaskun Ruiz spoke with As about the new DAZN platform. The journalist brings the spectator closer to what happens around the MotoGP Grand Prix.

DAZN arrives stomping, what do you think the rollover that is giving the platform in the way we had to see sport?

For I think this is a project for the future and especially designed for young people, because they do not watch TV anymore. traditional style as we saw it a couple of years ago, linear television. They choose what they want to see, when they want to see it, how and where. This goes in the way of what the future will be. It has happened with the series and the movies and it is going to happen with the sport. So for that, platforms like DAZN are perfect. I think that sports will also adapt to this new way of enjoying them, of seeing them. In addition, it is a challenge and an illusion to be part of all this, a pioneer platform in Spain in this regard.

How do you think that has evolved in recent years the kind of viewer who sits to watch the motorcycles?

I think it's still just as demanding with the level of quality you expect it to offer you. He wants to enjoy, of course, the whole event, all the training sessions, the classifications and especially the live races. But at the same time he wants to have the option of being able to see him at the moment he wants. That can be on the beach and see it on a phone, on the iPad or on television. But he wants to have the option of being the one who decides. And if you have not been able to see live the reports, interviews, specific moments of the races or the trainings, to be able to see it whenever you want. Keep the same level but with more decision power.

How do you see the Spaniards in MotoGP this season?

A Márquez I see him well, I think Lorenzo will be there and that his adaptation to the Honda will be faster than the Ducati and I see, fortunately and with great joy, Maverick, strong and able to pilot as he likes. He has recovered his aggressive style and I hope we see him fighting again to win.

What has been the pilot or the person who has made the most enthusiasm interview?

The truth is that every day I do an interview with a pilot, Even after having had the opportunity to do so many interviews, I still fill a lot and I'm still very excited. I really enjoy all I've been able to do since I've reached the World Cup. The first time I interviewed Rossi, Lorenzo, Márquez ... they have all been special. Having the opportunity to work directly with people who have been a few cracks or referents in your sport makes it very difficult to choose one.

Do you still have the tickling of the live when you put in front of the micro?

Yes, the The tickling of the live is never lost and I also believe that it is good that it exists. With the passage of time, it is not the tingling identified with the typical nerves, but if you still have it means that you still enjoy what you do. It also helps you to maintain a certain tension, not to relax and to be always attentive for what may happen, that is precisely one of the keys.

What would you say to your 16 year old from the professional moment in which is located?

Le say never lose curiosity and the desire to learn. In the end that in this work is the engine that makes you always keep evolving, that does not stagnate. That you always want to continue learning and that is that you do not settle, something very important that helps you grow. And if you like journalism, then bet on it and work hard because in the end you will get it.

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