Ingram, operated, will be ready for the next season

First good news in the Lakers in weeks: the forward was operated on deep vein thrombosis suffered in the right arm.

Good news for the Los Angeles Lakers after several weeks of real nightmare. Brandon Ingram was successfully submitted to surgery to solve deep vein thrombosis suffered in the right arm, said the angelina franchise. It is expected that his recovery will be total for the beginning of the next season.

This is the second time that the eaves go through the operating room. At the beginning of the week, a blood clot was removed and this time he was assured of the correct blood flow.

The DVT (in its English acronym) that was detected to Ingram on March 9 "occurs when It forms a blood clot (thrombus) in one or more deep veins of the body, but usually in the legs, "says the Mayo Clinic website. "It is a serious disorder because the blood clots that occur in the veins can be released, move through the bloodstream, lodge in the lungs and thereby obstruct blood flow (pulmonary embolism) ", continues.

Ingram's absence for the remainder of the year joins the Lonzo Ball. The base has had complications in the ankle injury suffered seven weeks ago and will no longer play this course.

The Lakers are eleventh in the Western Conference with a balance 31-38 after losing eight of the last ten games. The playoffs are already impossible (they are 8.5 games) for a Lakers that started with morale through the clouds with the arrival of LeBron James and were 20-14 on Christmas Day.

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