Honda already has the nod to a 'spoiler' like Ducati's

The technical director of the World Championship has approved the project presented by the Japanese, by changing the concept: improves the rigidity of the swingarm.

It was very clear Honda that the story of the Ducati spoiler was not over, and with good reason, because today they have achieved in Termas de Rio Honda that the technical director of the World Championship approve a similar appendix to the rival against whom they had claimed, but changing the semantic concept of the proposal, without talking about the benefits in terms of aerodynamics that criticize and that Ducati has recognized. Instead of proposing a positive effect on the cooling of the rear wheel, which is what has saved the Italian house before the regulation, of what the Honda project talks about with this piece is of gain for the rigidity of the swingarm.

Lo that he did not want Honda was in any case to speak in his proposal of aerodynamics, ground effect (downforce), not to get on a car against which he fought, first in Qatar, after the race and the hand of Aprilia, Suzuki and KTM , and then in the Court of Appeal of the FIM, in Switzerland. As sources of the golden wing have assured Ace, the piece is not yet built and what has been presented Takeo Yokoyama, the technical director of the Japanese factory, is a project that already ahead of Danny Aldridge and that will lead to a the piece they hope will be ready for the GP of the Americas, in two weeks, and they could try there in the RC213V of Cal Crutchlow, of the LCR Honda team.

Gigi Dall'Igna, Ducati's chief technical officer, has learned of the approval of the piece for Honda by the journalists of 'La Gazzetta' and 'As' present in the paddock of Termas, and their response could not have been more ironic. After sketching a smile, he said sarcastically: "To what we now claim." This conversation with the Italian engineer was while the pilots were present at the Security Commission, where many of them have urged the championship to end the war for aerodynamics and return to the most conventional motorcycles of all life.

Carology of the war of the spoon or spoiler of the Ducati

1. Victoria of Dovizioso by 23 thousandths on Marquez.

2. Reclamation of those four factories against Ducati .

3. Disapproved by the panel of commissioners of the championship, which maintained the authorization of the technical director of the World Cup, Danny Aldridge, for the use of that appendix that the accusing factories see as an aerodynamic piece and Ducati as a piece to cool the rear wheel .

11111 114. Appeal already at dawn in Qatar by Honda, Aprilia, Suzuki and KTM.

5. Transfer of the appeal to the FIM appeal court.

6. Dismissal by the Court of Appeal of the claim against Ducati. 7. Ducati already recognizes in Qatar that the piece generates downforce, but that its purpose is to cool the rear rubber, which is what gives them the reason for regulation, and try to close page.

8. For the other factories is still open and, although they will not go to the TAS, they look for the way to disavow the technical director.

9. The technical director of the World Cup approves on Friday of Argentina the project presented by Honda, when changing the semantic concept of the proposal for the appendix: to improve the rigidity of the swingarm.

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