"I have opportunities outside F1 for something unprecedented"

Alonso, in Bahrain after his Dakar test, "a gift from Toyota". He insists that his idea is not to return to F1, "although if a great opportunity arises" he does not close the doors.

Ya has already exceeded thirty flights this year and, in a few hours, Fernando Alonso changed the Toyota Hilux and South Africa for the McLaren MCL34 and Bahrain. He will get on the car next Tuesday and Wednesday, in a Pirelli test, but before The grand prize will follow from the box of the Woking team. The Spaniard, visiting F1, although he clarifies: "As I said last year, and in Barcelona, my idea is not to go back in. When I said goodbye last year it was because I thought that this chapter was complete, I achieved in F1 a lot More than I ever imagined I have great opportunities outside F1 to do something unprecedented Back is not in the plan, but if something happens, or a great opportunity comes, I will probably consider it. one hundred to nothing in the future. "

He is sure he does not miss it "much less" because he has been busy: "Maybe if I had been relaxed at home it is different, but I have been trying and preparing myself for different things." This opportunity arose with the Pirelli tests and the second car. , in the preseason we talked about if there was any benefit for the team because I tried at some point and the team decided that this was the best time without taking time away from the riders In the case of Pirelli you have to try the wheels and maybe make yourself a little to the idea of how the car is, and maybe it's useful for the team, so I hope it's productive. "

" In my case, it's a test to myself to get back into this style of driving and understand the car , its limits, what the wheels allow me or in which parts of the curve we are strong or weak, maybe the team is more interested in me being in the car, "says the 37-year-old, who admits that up to now n or has had more impact on the development of the team and the car: "This is the first time, I would say if I have been involved in many things. I was two days in Barcelona, in one Carlos finished first and in the other, Lando finished first ... (laughs) Now we will see this race, if we keep that average we probably have to come many weekends ".

About their future, any plan is parked until the Indianapolis 500 in May, the number one goal of 2019. If it renews or not in the WEC: "I have to think, there is time in the next few months because now I do not want to go deep, the Indy 500 is what I will focus on, but then I have to see the projects that come. The WEC, after winning Le Mans, Daytona and Sebring, is a question if I commit myself because it ends in July 2020, is a commitment for the future and I have to be sure and think about it well ".

The Dakar test," a gift of Toyota "

Although the most recent, where it comes from, is to drive the Toyota Hilux of the Dakar with two days of training with De Villiers and the team champion of the rally in 2019. " The test was for fun, a gift Toyota just like last year I tried the Nascar car or two years ago the MotoGP in Japan. It was interesting and yes after several laps one already knows where all the dangers are. On the open road it is a great challenge and that is what they are very good at, reading dunes, potholes and dangers. There is the best driver in the world in that (points to Carlos Sainz), it is very challenging but also fun, and I am grateful to Toyota ".

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