Guedes: "We deserved to be calm before"

Denis Cheryshev also appeared on television after the game: "We had many chances to do it before and we did not, we do not need to suffer so much in the end".

Cheryshev: "We could have closed the match much earlier"

Good night, especially after Guedes' goal ... The game was very complicated for us, we could have closed it much earlier but we're leaving with the good taste of that great goal final.

Why did it cost so much to close the match and the pass? We had very good chances to get ahead. One of Carlos in the first half, then I a very clear that I could not finish well and some more in the second half. The goal made us very difficult but this team believes until the end

How is it possible so many goals at the end? I hope they continue to be many more. We are working well and there are already 14 games without losing. Now the most important and beautiful remains.

He has returned Guedes ... Gonzalo is doing very well. The other day in Girona scored a great goal, today too and we are all going to be important in this final section of season.

How will the raffle live tomorrow? With the peace of mind of being inside the hype. That is the important thing. We know that the opponent that touches will be very difficult but we will face it with the maximum illusion.

Guedes: "We deserved to be calm before"

What an important goal ... It was important because it served to pass. We had many chances to do it before and we did not. We do not need to suffer so much in the end.

How did the play live? It was on the last play. A good play from all the teammates. I expected the ball to arrive and I thought I could do it.

Have you suffered too much, right? We deserved to be calmer before and we made chances to be able to be. But in football everything can happen and that's how it has been.

¿Guedes returns? It's not coming back. I have been doing my job. I thought I could have improved physically faster, I work every day for it and I have to keep doing it because I'm still not 100% and now many games are coming and I have to give the maximum for the team.

What do you aspire to? Europe? We want to go as far as possible. We want to win all the competitions and all the matches we play. We have to always set the highest goals to have the motivation to win always.

What opponent do you prefer? We know that all the teams that are have a lot of quality, but we also and we are ready for everything.

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