Gerard Moreno receives the high and Villarreal already dreams in fourth

Returns to win Zenit after suffering at the beginning and reaches this round for the fifth time. The striker scored again and attended Bacca and confirms his recovery.

Villarreal is already here that we remembered. It has cost, after seven months of anguish, but if Sunday came out of the relegation in LaLiga has now confirmed its presence in the Europa League quarters for the fifth time. The dream of his first final is now only four games. The result of the first leg and the claws of the return allowed him to knock down the Russian leader and, something equally or more important, recover in time for the cause to pillars that had left to be. Fornals already has another tone, Iborra monopolizes many more functions and Gerard returns to coordinate his lashes. Three of the five goals in the second round were his. The contributions of these three references are added to the great moment of Alvaro, whose self-esteem has kept this Submarine afloat in crisis, and the enormous weight that Bacca has. A control of his, a mere ripped, is worth gold. The Colombian, of course, initiated the play of the sentence. It was also he who crushed the second goal to take a gift from Gerard.

El Zenit never gave up. If something has killed him in this tie is the punch. Before starting, he lost his lighthouse, Dzyuba, due to health problems. And, even so, he recomposed his drawing to a 3-5-2 that allowed him to enjoy two unbeatable chances of starting. Azmoun, key in St. Petersburg, missed the first by the hair and the second due to the saving hand of Andrés Fernández. A regular substitute who never looks it. Sendas threats served to espabilar to the Villarreal that, thanks to the heart of Cáseres and to the quality of Fornals, began to take control of the controls of the party. Little came. But he suffered less.

With 4-1 in the global and half a part ahead, Zenit began to think that, although miracles exist, they also wear out. Their goal is to reign in their league to return to the Champions League, so they He proposed not to risk the physique and Semak began dosing the staff because Spartak is measured. Something that also began to make Calleja. The Ray of RDT is just around the corner. Even so, in those filling minutes you could see interesting things. Like the goal of honor and a masterful pass from Cazorla to Jaume Costa that the striker crashed into the crossbar. If the Spaniard is on the loose, there are no minutes of trash.

Sergei Semak: "They had more success and we did not know how to take advantage of our moment"

Analysis of the game: "The first half was good, but we did not find the goal, they did score His second goal complicated us, but despite them we kept looking for the goal and we found it at the end ".

Eliminados:" It was not enough, we tried, but we are outside Europe and we must focus on the League " .

Nos lacking success: "We started well, we wanted to surprise, but we were not successful in the two clear goal plays we had, something they did, it was difficult for us to play with them, since they are a good team, and In addition, we did not have success from face to goal, this is a good competition and Villarreal is a good team, it is complicated to compare teams now and eleven years ago. complicated to compare. I think my team has shown its face, and I am satisfied with your effort. I believe as I said decided the luck ".

Javier Calleja:" In Europe we are calmer "

In Europe the team continues in good line:" We are very confident in this competition, we are very excited and we are in the hype of quarters . I think we have been superior in both games, although it is true that mistakes are not costing us so expensive. And if we fail they do not affect us that much, and that makes the team safer and calmer, which makes the results come. "

Possible rival:" I feel the elimination of Sevilla, but it was one of the teams I did not want ".

I expected to pass so easy:" We did not expect to go easy, I think it has grown easy because we have played and done things well. We played well in the first leg, and we have known how to play with that advantage and with the match time. I think if it seemed easy, it's because I've done a lot of things well. "

Acts of the strikers:" Blessed problem for the strikers to score, that benefits us, blessed problem for the forwards maque ".

3 wins followed:" I like it win always, take three and go for the fourth. We must play as we are doing, the team is growing and we must continue like this, we must not stop believing and winning. Untouchable there is nothing. I can change the game idea, it depends on the players and the opponent. But it is true that this is being a good system and it is giving us good ".


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