Ferrari only half solves the strange case of Montmeló

On the clash of Vettel, Binotto says that they have taken measures so that it does not happen again, but that they do not yet have "the complete image".

On the sixth day of preseason, Vettel went straight on the curve three of Montmeló when the left front tire of his car broke and, unable to turn, hit the wall. From the beginning Ferrari spoke of the event as a failure Mechanical that could be caused by the suspension, although it was pointed to the tire and an "external object" that broke it just before the incident. The Scuderia has continued investigating, fundamentally so that nothing similar happens again, and although they say they know it will not happen again, Binotto thinks they still do not have "the complete image" . "We have undoubtedly invested, but still We do not know with certainty what happened, we have made many measures and I am sure that, with what we have done, we are covered in that aspect ", says the Swiss, head of the Maranello team.

Aclara that" there is security for the next round ", although they will continue" doing checks ". "We must make sure that we have the full picture of what happened, although let me say that we feel safe," he concludes. Mattia appeared this Friday at the official press conference of the FIA, his first as team leader, where he explained that the technical component is still very important in its new functions.

About the expectations of Ferrari in Australia: "The tests do not As soon as they finished they had to send the cars to Mebourne, so this is when we started to see who is the fastest Mercedes has won the last championships and in some way They are the team to beat in. Honestly, we should just look at our work to keep improving, step by step, and be as quick as we can. " Profile under Ferrari, the winner of the last two GPs of Australia, while Vettel and Leclerc still do not show the true potential.

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