Ferrari is hidden, Mercedes is serious and McLaren starts far

Better time for Hamilton in the first day of free followed by Bottas, with Vettel and Leclerc hidden. Well Red Bull and Renault. Sainz, 14th

Ferrari and Mercedes flatter each other and try not to coincide too much on the track, is not going to be that something lets glimpse who is ahead of whom. Because the reading of the first free practice of 2019 is that Hamilton has applied a correction to those who thought they were not the reference, but the reality says otherwise: Vettel did not force the machinery and Leclerc did not even mark his time with the softest tire , was better than the Free 1 (23.6) . The Monegasque, by the way, ended his day with a violent spin.

Perhaps forgot to unpack the ballasts after the tests and seek a triumphant entry in the classification of Saturday. In any case, Mercedes starts at the front with eight tenths on the rest of the mortals. Lewis's time was two tenths better than the one he did in Australia's Q1 2018, so it seems a good reference. Vettel's, a tenth slower. Ferrari is not where it says it is. What about Red Bull? Identical, a 23.4 traced to last year having changed engine, so Honda has been able to deliver a propeller with at least as much power and performance to a round as those already offered by Renault. Another thing is the reliability, but that can only be measured in the long term.

Más quleado is the award for being the fourth car on the grid with flashes of Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo), that seems to remain at Ferrari, and a squeeze Final of Renault with soft rubber bands to improve the bad sensations of the morning. They would be one tenth of Red Bull in qualifying to keep these differences, which would be a big surprise. Haas shone, and a lot, with the medium tire but then they were lost in the mass, but they should take a step forward in the race because their margin seemed important.

¿McLaren? Do not be fooled, the base seems certainly improvable. The positive point is a worthy return of Sainz with compound 'red' in which he surpassed with 0.6 seconds his teammate, Norris, who finished third before last, just ahead of the caboose, the Williams. If the potential of a car is measured by that of its second driver, Woking's is worrisome. But Carlos managed to be faster than a Sauber (Giovinazzi), two Racing Points (Perez and Stroll) and a Toro Rosso (Albon) to be 14th. It is not the best starting point, especially because with medium rubber bands the picture is not clear. The first real scale will be in classification, where the goal of Madrid can be to pass the cut of Q1 without suffering too much, and then wait. Because of Kimi a Pérez, from the 5th to the 16th, there is a second difference: the grid has been tightened. That is unquestionable.

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