Euskadi Murias conscientiously recognizes the chrono of the Itzulia

"It's about the home race and we are looking forward to doing a good job," says Odriozola. Ace was in a training session with the team preparing the Basque Country.

It's 10:30 in the morning at the Izaga roundabout. In that location, either you enter the center of Zumárraga or you get off at the Beasain road on the highway that comes from Deskarga. You can also take a small circumvallation of the Guipuzcoan town or descend the old road to Ezkio and, later, to Ormaiztegui, the village of the Izagirre brothers, currently in Paris-Nice.

Euskadi Murias has three vehicles to inspect the chrono individual Monday, April 8, which will be the first stage of the Itzulia 2019. Almost 12 kms with two distinct parts: the first 6 plains to use the goat and the rest, with ramps that climb Izaga and the sanctuary of Antigua . The last cost is between 26 and 28%. Farm roads that once were concrete tracks and are now asphalted. But they cling like a demon.

The cyclists Mikel Bizkarra, Gari Bravo and Óscar Rodríguez (winner in the Camperona in the last Tour of Spain) leave the bar at the roundabout. They meet Jon Odriozola (Sports Manager), Xabier Muriel (physical trainer) and Rubén Pérez (Sports Director). They greet the journalists and distribute them inside the vehicles. Diario AS travels with Odriozola, Pérez and Patxi Mundiñano, one of the mechanics. "It's about the home race and we are looking forward to doing a good job," says Odriozola. "We are going to see if it is worth changing the bike midway to face the rise of Antigua," adds Rubén. "There is almost a difference of two kilos between the goat and the normal," warns Patxi. "The one of the cronos weighs almost 9 kilos", concludes


The first kilometers are flat and surround Zumárraga. There are some curves in which you have to pay attention especially if it rains and, after the arrival back to the roundabout, you descend to Beasain. At another roundabout, it takes a 180 degree turn and climbs back up the road on which it has descended. "We will take advantage of the inertia until the end and, near here (there is a sign of the abandoned restaurant Aránzazu) who wants to change the bike," says Rubén Pérez. "I do trust the watts and all those records but the last word will be the runners themselves, I'm from the old school and I'm more supportive of the sensations, there's also watts," explains Odriozola. Meanwhile, Patxi thinks about the most appropriate developments that should be mounted for that day.

Nothing more to abandon the Izaga roundabout again, turn to the right and face some very demanding steep slopes. "The final ramp is criminal," explains Mikel Bizkarra. When you take the good road, go down to Zumárraga and after a short border to the town, you enter the center and you get to the town hall, where the goal will be installed. "I have left more than 12 kms, but I am convinced that we have gone along the route and the planned route," reflects the Sports Manager.

New stop and inn to take statements at the Izaga roundabout, Base Camp of the day. The plan is to stop now only the climb and descent of the Antigua with the goat and, later with the same watts, with the normal bike. This will show the real difference between the two options. "But the last word is going to have the cyclists", insists Odriozola. "We have already done two days of recognition, last Friday we were in the area of the Navarrese sterratto and, as it rains, you can get rid of a good one in the second stage of the Itzulia", comments the Sports Director of Euskadi Murias.

In those moments a technician comes from the town hall of Zumárraga and speaks with Muriel. "When you go up the hill of Izaga, you do not have to get to this roundabout, that curve would be too closed and we decided to make the turn before, you have to enter a perpendicular street behind that house there," he says pointing to a old apartment building. "That's it, that explains everything, that's why we counted more than 12 kms, they do not really get here, they saw before, that's the reason why we got more meters", says Jon Odriozola.

The day had dawned something leaden but the sun becomes space in the sky little by little. The work session has been done at about 9 degrees of temperature. We will have to see the circumstances that occur next Monday, April 8. "Los Gallos will not make big differences but some who do not expect it, here, it is possible that they lose the Itzulia on the first day, it has nothing to do with last year's Lodosa. hey for the huddles before going to eat. Euskadi Murias will concentrate in Zaldibia during those first days.

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