Ducati always goes one step ahead of the regulation

Borgo Panigale's factory expresses the loopholes of the law in terms of technical innovations, which generates distrust in the competition.

Ducati arrived at the MotoGP World Championship in 2003 and it was not until 2007 when he conquered his first and only World Championship, with Stoner. Since then, many pilots shipwrecked trying to emulate the Australian, the only one capable of flying with a very difficult and particular motorcycle. Nor Rossi was able to go fast with that bike with a self-supporting chassis that anchored to the engine. For this reason, the factory of Borgo Panigale signed Gigi Dall'Igna at the end of 2013 and from then on he began to bring head to the other factories with his technical innovations.

The last example is the use of a deflector in the keel of his Desmosedici and anchored to the swing arm against which they claimed, without success, four factories at the end of the Qatar race. They did Honda, Suzuki, KTM and Aprilia. The one that did not do it was Yamaha, that already used in Valencia a deflector to evacuate the water in the race of the past year. Here the Italian factory used it in a dry race, with 20 degrees of temperature on the asphalt, and to maintain the optimum temperature of the rear tire.

In recent years in the red box have been seen before in any other wings , ailerons or appendages in the fairings, that serve to hold the front wheel to the ground in accelerations and stabilize it during braking. Its appearance was so extraordinary that it was copied by all the factories, which by the end of 2016 were banned for the sake of safety, considering them some factories, with less success than Ducati in aerodynamic matters, a kind of blades that could cut other pilots . Well that Lorenzo regretted when he arrived in 2017 at Ducati, although by 2018 they reinvented themselves with wings camouflaged inside the fairing, that did not exceed the limits of the fairing and that were within the regulations, something that they later used all.

Y for this 2019 just started have been invented a fairing with a triple wing, that is already part of the two options per season that has each factory. More inventions on the MotoGP grid derived from Italian engineers are the electric starters that go straight to the crankshaft nut, making it turn to start the combustion process of the engine. Until then the rear wheel was made to rotate with a floor starter.

It was also seen in the Ducati, unsuccessfully, a rear lenticular tire, and currently carry screens to cover the front brake discs with the intention that Do not lose temperature carbon discs, which is something that makes you lose effectiveness. Another innovation incorporated this year the blocking of the front suspension for the outputs, looking for less lift the front wheel.

And another that remains in force, and that is still unknown for sure what it is, is the black box that they incorporate the Desmosedici under the tail. Some call it the sandwich maker, and it is speculated on with the possibility that it is a resonance box that helps to reduce the vibrations in the rear train. Seeing how Ducati spends them, and not only in aerodynamic matters, we must be very attentive to his box to see what will be next with what will surprise his rivals ...

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