Doncic shipwrecked before San Antonio and Dallas is still in fall

The Slovenian base suffered a lot with the shot against the Spurs (5 of 18 and 1 of 9 from the staff) and the Mavericks added their sixth straight defeat.

When the ball says no, it is not. And this Wednesday, at the American Airlines Center, the ball did not want to be friends with Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks fell against the San Antonio Spurs (105-112) . It is the sixth consecutive defeat of the Texans, who have not yet won this March and have accumulated eleven matches without winning the last twelve disputed. Since they made the transfer by Kristaps Porzingis, the Mavs have only taken four meetings of 17,

The message after the operation was clear: look and next season and if you get a good position in the next draft, better than better. The problem is that at this stage of the film it is very difficult to fall much lower (now it is the sixth worst NBA team with a balance 27-40) . There are five teams with a worse balance, four of them almost unbeatable: Chicago (19-50), Cleveland (17-51), Phoenix (16-52) and New York (13-55) .

Doncic, 12 points, 5 18 at launch

A very tough situation for a winner like Doncic who also suffered like no one. The Slovenian jumped to the field with problems in the knee and it was noticed too much in the shot as in the control of the ball. It reached only 12 points, his lowest score since January 19 against Indiana (8 points) with a horrible series both in the pitch in play (5 of 18) and from the staff: only holed one of his nine attempts from the staff . He hit bottom in the third quarter when he missed three consecutive after receiving a foul when he was ready to throw from the triple. In addition, he accumulated nine losses, tying his maximum in the NBA (Clippers, February 25) .

His evolution during the match says it all. In the first quarter he did not score any of his three shots and in the second, he made a 2 of 6. In the third he hit only one of his four attempts and in the last, 2 of 4.

"I can not blame the knee Honestly, I was not 100% but I wanted to play, I always want to play , "Doncic said after finishing a game in which San Antonio never went through real difficulties with a DeRozan (33 points) and Aldridge (28) stars and kept his rival at a respectable distance to link his sixth straight victory, the seventh in ten games. His five away matches with Sacramento Kings (ninth) in the absence of 14 duels to close the Regular Season almost certify his presence in the next playoffs for the title. Something spectacular in a team that has had to reinvent itself after the departure of Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker, the withdrawal of Manu Ginobili and the multiple injuries suffered in the base position before the ball flew for the first time this year. The magic of Pops.

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