Doncic is 'punished' after his bad game against San Antonio

The Slovenian base, who did not have his best day neither from the pitch nor from the personnel, stayed behind after the game training on the court.

Luka Doncic had a fateful day against San Antonio Spurs. The base, with problems in the knee, was denied both at the launch (5 of 18) and the staff (1 of 9) and only scored twelve points, his worst contribution since mid-January. "I can not blame the knee, honestly, I was not 100% but I wanted to play, I always want to play," said the Slovenian who was punished after this stroke.

According to Mike Peasley (ESPN), Doncic remained practicing on the court American Airlines Center just after the game.

"Not be my last night like this. I know that nights like this are going to come, so I just have to keep my routine", said the ex-Real Madrid fan.

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